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Linking Reports With Different Data Type Fields or Formula

Linking Reports base on different data type of fields or formula by using following steps in SAP Crystal Report:

1. Main Report ItemCode Field with VARCHAR Data Type


2. Sub-Report ItemCString Field with INTEGER Data Type and Formula ItemCFormula


3. Click Insert Menu > Insert Sub-Report. Now Select Field to link and leave Select data in sub-report based on field option unchecked.


4. Preview Main Report and Double Click Sub-report to open its preview. Then go to Report > Select Expert > Record > Add Formula for manual linking with main report.


5. Use formula to link sub-report field or formula with different Data Type to main report field manually.


6. Save and close and Preview main report.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for the detailed explanation. I followed the instruction but I am getting an error "String is non-numeric " How can I fix it?