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Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – II – Actual Upgrade Process

Hello Friends,

Hopefully you have read my first document Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – I – Technical Checks and Preparations. Now you have your solution Manager ready to upgrade new version. ” Isn’t that exciting?” Lets begain our ride to upgrade Solution Manager

  • Install minimum support pack stack 01 in to your existing solution manager 7.1 before start upgrading to Solution manager 7.2
  • Take the good backup of your existing Solution Manager system
  • Upgrade Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager to latest version

          Upgrade Guide can be found at link below

          SAP reference Note: 797147 – Introscope Installation for SAP Customers

  • Make sure LMDB have no errors and Solution manager system verification check successfully completed.

Transaction Code: LMDB


  • Upload all System data in LMDB to SAP Support Portal


          SAP Notes:

               2002546 – CP: Direct upload of landscape data to the customer profile

               2177157 – Uploading system data in Solution Manager 7.2 SP01

               1891878 – “Upload to SAP Support Portal” in LMDB does not send data

               1784080 – System information upload from LMDB to Support Portal fails

  • Check your existing solution manager system preparation, Basic configuration and Managed system configuration up-to-date
  • Upgrade CR_CONT in SLD to latest available version

               SAP reference Note: 669669 – Update of SAP System Component Repository in SLD

               After fully synchronization completed deactivate synchronization

               Part 1


               Part 2


               Set SLD to read only mode


  • Change diagnosis agents’ authentication via certificate (SolMan SPS 11 or High)

          2013578 – Diagnostics Agent cannot connect to the Solman using certificate based method – Solman 7.10 SP11/SP12/SP13/SP14


          P4 Port settings


          Generate Certificate






          Restart System and check all Agents are connected


              Note: Make sure all Diagnostic agent JVM is higher that 1.6

  • Use Maintenance Planner to create stack file and download STACK Files


  • Perform Content Activation as required

               For more information, please look at:

               If you have use none of functionality in solution manager 7.1 you can skip “Content Activation”

                    Data and Applications Affected:

               Solution Documentation.

               Change Request Management

               Quality Gate Management

               IT Portfolio and Project Management

               Test Management

               Business Process Monitoring

  • Start SUM and Upgrade SAP Solution Manager
  • Apply Notes as per SUM list


     NW_JAVA  source Media Number : 51050526


          Note: During Deployment remove any 7.02 deploy version from JAVA calculated queue as per SAP note: 2227300

BI_MMR 7.02         

Can not upgrade


BI_UDI 7.02      

If definitely need upgrade to

BI_UDI 7.40


If definitely need upgrade to



If definitely need upgrade to


LM-TOOLS 7.02 

If definitely need upgrade to

SAP IKS 7.40


If definitely need upgrade to


CAF 7.02 

If definitely need upgrade to

SAP CAF 7.40

          SAP ABAP Components


          Perform this step prior system downtime in SUM tool (Step 5.5)



                    Execute Preprocessing for SolMan SW Maintanance:


                    Note: This will lock other dialog users, enable DAA Maintanance mode, unregister web services and stop all background jobs

     Now Continue till SUM Procees complete

               2016-03-06 9-15-07 AM.png

Now as you see upgrade process is completed we will move to next part of upgrade process and it is regarding Support pack stack 01 corrections.

Thank you for reading and please dont forget to provide feedback.

Yogesh Patel

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