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Data in Microsoft Office Excel tables of data caches often has no unique identifiers. To transform data into context-related data with a unique ID, you define ER named ranges and assign a name starting with “ER_”



You can tag and save each value of a range. With the Tag Monitor, you can track the changes of specific report values and provide a concise overview of changes applied to those values. For example you can see how the total amount of liabilities has been modified over the time the annual report has been elaborated.


Procedure to create ER range


1. Table in Excel


Let’s assume you have a table like this





2. Define the ranges



You need to have the following ranges






Note: the ER_VALUES can be repeated n times


You can create a range, by simply selecting the cells (e.g. A1..A5) and then entering the name in the Excel ‘name box’




Note: you can also do this in Excel’s “Name Manager” (CTRL-F3)

In the end, you should end up with something like this :




3. Validate your ER range


Select the option “List Ranges” from the DM ribbon. You should see the “Valid” message



Note: a possible error could be that your keys are not unique





4. Data linking the ER range


In the Data Link the named range will now appear with its <tag> name. In this example, Q4TABLE

Note also that the ER_KEYS values are not displayed, only the labels and values



5. Monitor changes

In the Tag monitor you can now track the changes of the ER Named ranges





Additional Information


For additional information, please refer to the DM User Guide

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks…..Very Good Info…

    After inserting crating ER range we can insert through Word Template or Excel temple in the word document.

    Please confirm..



    1. Marc Kuipers Post author

      Thanks Srikanth

      The Excel template is not allowed on this Data Link


      I hope this clarifies your question.

      Best regards



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