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BETA Customers needed: Predictive Support Alerts for the BI Platform

What’s better than resolving an issue in your BI Platform?  Preventing it in the first place!

Predictive Support Alerts are a new support offering that will help you resolve issues before they become issues.

If you open incidents for the BI Platform product on a regular basis, you have probably already adopted the BI Platform Support Tool.  If you haven’t heard of this free tool yet,I highly recommend you check it out at the link above!

In a sentence, the BI Platform Support Tool is an application that was developed by SAP Product Support to assist customers and support in analyzing their entire BI Landscape in a simple, user friendly way.

It has evolved over the last few years and the latest version allows customers to publish their landscape reports directly to SAP Product Support for analysis and Predictive Support.


How does it work?

The BI Platform Support Tool (version 2.0 and above) has a new feature that allows customers to Publish their Landscape Reports to SAP for Analysis. This essentially uploads their landscape data to a secure server and adds it to an internal database.   SAP Support then runs predictive analytics on the data to identify environments that may be susceptible to known issues.

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Once Product Support identifies customers that may have issues, an email alert is sent out to these customers with the details of the issue and the detailed solution!

In order to make this new offering as successful as possible, we are running a short 1-month BETA program with 10-15 customers.  During this BETA, customers will work closely with Product Support engineers to step through the process and provide feedback.  The commitment is just 1-2 hours per week (max) and the benefits are endless.

Expectations during the BETA:

  1. Setup a User/Email address in the BI Support Tool (required for Publishing to SAP)
  2. Create 1-2 Landscape Reports using the BI Support Tool v2.0.2+ each week
  3. Publish the Landscape Reports to SAP for Analysis
  4. Provide feedback on the Process, Tool and Support Alerts that you receive

How to Join:

To sign-up for the BETA program, just click the below link and email the Project Lead (me) with your contact details (name, company, preferred phone #)

UPDATE:  We have our 10 participants now.  The BETA is closed.  Feel free to test the functionality of publishing your landscape reports though.

Sign Up for PSA BETA Program

Once we have at least 10 participants, we will kick off the BETA program.  The BETA is expected to run from Mid-March to Mid-April.

More Information:

YouTube – Demo of how to publish a landscape report to SAP using the BI Platform Support Tool (v2.0+) – Publish to SAP Feature BIST v2 0 – YouTube

BI Platform Support Tool Wiki

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  • Update:  We have our 10 participants now.  We will run the Beta from March 15 - April 12th.

    Even though the beta program is closed, you can still test out this great new feature by downloading the BI Support Tool v2.0 and using the Publish to SAP feature.  Just be sure to enter in your email address so we have a way to contact you proactively if we find any known issues.  🙂



  • This Beta has been great - I'm looking forward to going live.

    Thank you for the work and finding ways to move from reactive to predictive support.

    • Thanks Kim!  Appreciate the feedback you provided during the beta.  It has helped to shape the future of these alerts.

      We will be going live in the next few weeks.  I'll post a link to the announcement on here once we are ready to extend this out to a wider audience.



    • Hi Allan,

      This is in open BETA now.  The feature is available in the latest version of the BI support tool and anyone that configures an s-user/email address in the tool will have the publish option.

      Feel free to test it out.  We will be sending out some more predictive support alerts soon and if you submit a report, you will be part of those.