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SAP HANA upgrade Host Agent error

I upgraded a few HANA databases from SPS9 to SPS10. At the end of the upgrade I received this error.

17:51:14.813 – INFO: Deploying SAP Host Agent configurations…
17:51:14.813 – INFO:
17:51:14.813 – INFO: Deploying SAP Host Agent configurations on host
17:51:15.592 – INFO: Calling SAP Host Control web service operation
‘DetectManagedObjects’ (host: ‘hostname’, user: ‘<sidadm>’, url:
https://hostname:1129, arguments: ‘manifest’ –
17:51:15.607 – ERR : 500 Can’t connect to hostname:1129
17:51:15.607 – WRN : Deployment of SAP Host Agent configurations
on host ‘hostname’
17:51:15.607 – INFO:
17:51:15.607 – INFO: END: Deploying SAP Host Agent configurations
17:51:14.813 duration: 00:00:00.794)
17:51:15.607 – INFO:
17:51:16.010 – INFO: SAP HANA components updated

Note: Deployment of SAP Host Agent configurations finished with errors.

I’m still pretty new to SAP, ERP and HANA databases. I have been a DBA for over 10 years on other databases. I know that errors and warnings need to be investigated. I also know that the host agent is important for communication between the host and database. So I opened up an incident with SAP. After sending logs and a little back and forth, SAP support asked me to check to see if anything is listening on port 1129.

When I try to connect to the https hdblcm I get page not available.


I took a look to see if anything was listening on port 1129. netstattnlp | grep 112, it came back with 1128, sapstartsrv was only listening on 1128 and not 1129. I compared a working system to this one and found that the ownership was incorrect for the files in /usr/sap/hostctrl/exec/sec.

root was the owner.

rwrr— 1 root sapsys 993 Feb 25 2013 xxxxx.crt
rw——- 1 root sapsys 1847 Jun 4 2014 xxxxx.pse
rw——- 1 root sapsys 1855 Apr 22 2014 xxxxx.pse_backup
r——– 1 root sapsys 81 Jun 4 2014 xxxxx_v2
r——– 1 root sapsys 97 Apr 22 2014 xxxx_v2_backup

So I changed the ownership on all the files to <sidadm>:sapsys and restarted the host agent, /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec -restart. Now I see sapstartsrv listening on 1128 and 1129. I tried https hdblcm again and was given a new error.

“The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and
then click the Refresh button, or try again later”.

I came across SAP note 2078425 and found this in the note.

  1. 5. Configure SAP Host Agent to serve the Web UI

By default, during installation or update of the SAP HANA system, hdblcm configures the SAP Host Agent to serve its Web UI. For some reason this might have not happened, for example because of a failure during the installation/update procedure or if the SAP Host Agent had been manually reinstalled afterwards.

To update the integration of hdblcm on the SAP HANA host, run the following command:

<sapmnt>/<SID>/hdblcm/hdblcm –action=update_host –components_registration=none

  1. 6. Restart SAP Host Agent

/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec -restart

Since the hdblcm configuration uses https, 1129 it failed. Now that I have https working, I ran the command in the note and restarted the host agent.

<sapmnt>/<SID>/hdblcm/hdblcm –action=update_host –components_registration=none

I’m now able to open https hdblcm. The big takeaway for me is, investigate all errors and warnings in the HANA upgrade log. In my case I had other problems as a result of this error.

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      Henrique Pinto

      This was actually helpful, thanks!

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      Andrés Gil

      Helpful, thanks!