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You want to upgrade SAP Solution Manager from 7.1 to 7.2. Lets get system ready to upgrade

Note: In this scenario My SAP Solution Manager version is 7.1 Support Pack stack 13

Prior start upgrade please look through : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Content Activation – Solution Manager – SCN Wiki

Lets get ready….

1. Make sure you have uploaded your existing SAP Solution Manager system data to SAP Maintenance Planner

Please go through SAP note below

2002546 CP Direct Upload of Landscape data to customer profile
1.Open LMDB on your SAP Solution Manager (TCode : LMDB)

2.Go to Technical System

3.Open your SAP Solution Manager SID and upload system data to SAP Support Portal sown as below

For more information you can look at blog Data and Topology of SLD, LMDB, and Customer Profile – How to Get Reliable Landscape Data in SAP Support Portal as a Basis for Planning

2. Once you have updated your system make sure you have run SAP Maintenance Planner on the system to download and Generate STACK.XML

Please go through SAP note below for more information

2271807 MOPZ The Installation Upgrade Package For Add-On SAP_UO rel. 750 is not available

Note: Make sure you added JAVA patches as per SAP note: 2229953 and select Stack 01

For more Information you can look through Maintenance Planner User Guide

3. Download all required files what you added through SAP Maintenance Planner

Once you have it all required files make sure you copy them with JAVA Paches in same folder

4. Uninstall ST-SPA and ST-QCA if they are installed (SAP Note : 2227300 For reference)

For referance you can look at additional SAP notes as below

1863638 During Solution Manager upgrade add-ons ST-PSM get status UNDECIDED
2364204 Additional info about the component ST-TST and ST-OST for upgrade from Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2 release
2011192 Uninstalling ABAP add-ons

5. Pre steps and SAP notes to follow before you start upgrade

1. Open SQL Mnanagement Studio and run following script on your existing Solution Manager Database

Run SQL SCRIPT (SQL DB only) – sp_addsrvrolemember ‘SAP<SID>DB’ , ‘securityadmin’

Follow SAP Notes:

Read each below SAP notes carefully and follow them in to your existing SAP Solman system

1872729 CRM Upgrade Fails with error
1879618 Pre-upgrade measures
1983745 Error in RSD_PREXPRA_TO_740
2039938 Error CL_RSR_GET_CHANMID-02
2176977 Pre-upgrade measures for upgrade/update to 7.4
1872722 Additional information for installation/upgrade of CPRXRPM 600_740
2228062 Update of Introscope JAVA Agent ISAGENT 9.5.6 Patch 0 fails ‘Component cannot be downgraded’

6. Request to create Technical – User as per SAP note:

2174416 Creation and activation of users for the Support Hub Communication

Link to create user is :


Note: Make sure you have assigned Super Administrator role to user

After following five steps you will be ready to start actual upgrade work on SAP solution manager 7.1. Once you have done all activities follow my next document to run upgrade.

Thank you for readingYogesh


Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – I – Technical Checks and Preparations

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – II – Actual Upgrade Process

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – III – Dual Stack Split

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – IV – Correction After Dual Stack Split

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – V – SolMan Support Pack Stack 01 Correction

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Yogesh,

    Your guide is very informative. Please can  you tell if we can go for a Solman 7.2 new installation but without JAVA stack.


    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      Hello Kuldeep,

      There is no option to install SAP Solution Manager without JAVA. You must need JAVA stack.

      As per SAP Solution Manager 7.2 architecture and migration to SAP HANA

      What is AS JAVA still used for?

      AS JAVA is still used by SolMan 7.2 for diagnostics agent connectivity and root cause analysis. In theory and probably also practice you could leave it out of the CHARM Solution Manager landscape if you’ve got two Solution Manager landscapes, one for Technical Monitoring and one for ITSM and CHARM which is not uncommon for large customers.

      AS JAVA could also serve the purpose of local SLD for SAP Solution Manager although in general many administrators seem to prefer a central SLD nowadays with a higher Netweaver stack version and seperated maintenance cycles.

      Sometimes AS JAVA of SAP Solution Manager is used for Adobe Document Services (ADS) to serve the ERP landscape. I’ve seen this mostly at smaller customers who do not create a seperate AS JAVA instance for that purpose.

      Please let me know if you have any other question.

      Thank you


  2. Rahul Yedapally

    Thanks Yogest.. Nice blog

    While upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2 , First we will split the ABAP and Java stack and then upgrade to 7.2

    I have an PI landscape , can install ABAP Solution manager on 7.2 and use central SLD from PI , I want to stop Java

    Please let me know your suggestions


    Rahul Yedapally

    1. Yogesh Patel Post author
  3. Rahul Yedapally

    Hello Yogesh,

    if i understood correctly First you have suggest me to upgrade my solman 7.1 and then split.

    and I dont want to use solman java system anymore

    For Central SLD I want to use PI landscape

    As per Few standard Document they suggested to go with SPlit and then upgrade

    Please correct me if i am wrong



    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      Hello Rahu,

      What I suggest is as below …

      • Upgrade your solman
      • Spilt System
      • Keep Java for solman – You need it for some other solman functions
      • For central SLD you can use PI or Solman SLD – Depends on your PI version

      For more information please read SAP Note : 2227300 – Further Upgrade Information for SAP Solution Manager 7.2

      (Look section 2.3 After the software upgrade (after the SUM Postprocessing step)and 2.4 Next step: Execute the dual-stack split)


  4. Former Member

    Hi Yogesh

    Question 1 do we need to remove ST-QCA component before Content Activation is completed ?  or can that been done after Content Activation ?

    Question 2 In Content Activation guide it says we have to reapply all the Snotes for content activation again after we completed the upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2. Where you required to apply the snotes again ?


  5. Former Member

    Hi Yogesh

    I want to remove the HPQC add on component from solution manager 7.1. I have spam and saint version 7.02/0059. I dont see the visibility in SAINT to remove this component. Please advice.


  6. Former Member

    Hi Yogesh

    In snote 1109650 page 4 it says

    This component is saved automatically when you upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.1 or 7.2. So I i am in still doing the prep work for the upgrade. So will the upgrade still fail ?


    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      Did you check SAP notes below?

      2011192 – Uninstalling ABAP add-ons

      2364204 – Additional info about the component ST-TST and ST-OST for upgrade from Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2 release

      Most IMP note : 1109650 – SAP Solution Manager 7.x Extension Addons

      In my case when I upgade system its ask me to remove add-in at the time of upgrade (For example below)


  7. Former Member

    Hello Yogesh Patel,

    We are planning to upgrade SolMan 7.1 to 7.2
    I have a doubt, as we are keeping the DB (oracle) as it is. Is TREX installation mandatory for that.
    Also, what would happen if we do not install TREX?

    1. Yogesh Patel Post author


      I am not too sure about your system configuration.

      But as far I know you can upgrade TREX.

      Question you need to ask is – What will happen to Indexes created by TREX?


      1. Former Member

        Hello Yogesh,

        We are using SolMan for –

        1.       EWA report generation
        2.       Mopz
        3.       Technical Monitoring
        4.       Integration Monitoring
        5.       Business Process Monitoring
        6.       DVM
        7.       Wily

        We are on Oracle and OS is HP-UX. Currently in our 7.1, we do not have TREX installed. So, I am a bit confused, if TREX is at all required. We would be keeping our DB as it is, not migrating to HANA as of now.

        Please let me know, is TREX mandatory for 7.2?

  8. Former Member

    Hello Yogesh

    need your quick help as part of preparation as of now am doing Content activation phase

    implemented these two sap notes

    2161244,2324520  now as per content activation guide now am able LOGIN PREPARE_ACTIVATION ,T CODE

    1.clicked on button next     “Enter guided procedure” immediately am getting DUMP as ” Function module “ENQUEUE_E_SMMIG_GP1″ not found”.

    can you please me to proceed further when i checked in se37 this function module is not available cross verified in production system also still not available.

    appreciated if you could respond us ASAP than you  .



    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      Hello Vrushal,

      There is Supplementary note for SAP Note 2324520 is as below…

      2045230 – Supplementary note for SAP Note 2324520

      Please have a look in to it and let me know if this does not solve your issue.

      Thank you



      1. Former Member

        Hi Yogesh

        Thanks for your reply

        note 2324520 already implemented issue was in prepare_activation

        but issue was resolved now -with implement note 2131736 run the report SCWB_NOTE_ACTIVATE against note 2324520, 2045230 and 2045342 to activate the inactive objects ->with this issue resolved

        Thank you!

        but i have one question for your ?once we do upgrade we need to java split onsame host that what i planned for this do we need to create separate File system for JAVA or not required export of JAVA will suffice  and create Own FS.

        thank you!.

        1. Yogesh Patel Post author

          Hello Vrushal,

          Good that you ware able to resolve issue. Yea those inactive objects sometime annoying 🙁

          For your answer – When you split system on same host you can use the same share folder \usr\sap\

          Since your ABAP and JAVA SID name will be change it should not be any issue

          For example JAVA SID is SMJ and ABAP is SMA

          This will create 2 separate directory under \usr\sap\… and you will able to continue with split.

          If you go through SPLIT document you will have more idea what I am talking about…

          Please let me know if you have any other question.





          1. Former Member

            Hi Yogesh


            Thanks for your quick reply!

            got you thanks for your inputs

            As of now now am in prepare_activation phase only for Content activation .

            here i have one querry

            in Content Activation we have there phases




            ->here we will have to do it first  prepare_activate and next proceed with upgrade or else we have to perform post activation steps of option 3 then we can go for upgrade ?

            what is the best approach please suggest!


  9. Former Member

    Hi Yogesh,

    Can you please tell me the version of SUM you used for upgrade?

    We tried upgrade using SUM 19 but the dual link is not working.



    Basis team

  10. Former Member

    Hi Yogesh,

    Can you technically do a SolMan upgrade without having to connect Solution Manager system to managed systems- i.e. ECC. This is a mock upgrade for Solution Manager only. I realize the value of the managed systems connection.



  11. Former Member


    We are in the process of upgrading SOLMAN from 7.1 to 7.2
    the SAP-JEECOR version is 7.02 SP15 patch 0

    is this OK to proceed with the uprgade,

    Also, as we have generated the XML file, will this patch be upgraded using SUM during the upgrade process SAP-JEE 7.02 SP15 (1000. SAP AG SAP AG 20140828055312 SAP-JEECOR 7.02 SP15 (1000. SAP AG SAP AG 20140828055347

    Also, the current JVM version is

    4.1.038 24.51-b03

    Many are suggesting that there is no need to uprgade SAP JVM from 1.4 to 1.6
    when you start SUM, it will automatically uprgade

    Is this correct



    Rajesh Gedila

  12. Konrad Maas

    hello Yogesh,

    we have perform an upgrade of our SolMan

    old 7.2 SP3

    new 7.2 SP6

    the migration job :  SM_MIGR:CL_MAI_MIGRATION_72SP03 dumps with runtime error Uncaught exeption.

    An exception has occurred which is explained in more detail below. The
    exception, which is assigned to class ‘CX_LMDB_NO_HOST’ was not caught and
    therefore caused a runtime error. The reason for the exception is:
    Cannot find a host in the LMDB

    This exception is closely related to a previous exception
    was raised in program “CL_LMDB_API_FOR_CIM===========CP”, in line 19 of
    (include) program “CL_LMDB_API_FOR_CIM===========CM003”. The
    reason for the exception occurring was:
    For class SAP_ApplicationSystemHost, a call of Associator Names of WBEM
    returned no results

    This exception is closely related to a previous exception
    was raised in program “CL_LMDB_API_FOR_CIM===========CP”, in line 17 of
    (include) program “CL_LMDB_API_FOR_CIM===========CM001”. The
    reason for the exception occurring was:
    A WBEM call or query returned no results

    This exception is closely related to a previous exception
    was raised in program “CL_LMDB_API_FOR_CIM===========CP”, in line 7 of
    (include) program “CL_LMDB_API_FOR_CIM===========CM001”. The
    reason for the exception occurring was:
    A row with the index 1 is not in the table.


    Do you have any idea?

    best regards



    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      Sorry but what is the problem? since you have not add as reply but started new comment very difficult to know what is the issue?


  13. Former Member

    Hello Yogesh,

    We are upgrading SAP Solution 7.1 SP13 to 7.2 SP06. The minimum support level required or selected during stack generation i for GRC is GRCPINW V1100_731 SP20.

    But in our GRC Foundation system the level is  GRCFND_A V1100 0014. We would like to know the compatibility issue and solution for it.

    Can we upgrade Solman excluding GRCPINW component upgrade.







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