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Hi All,

Most of you working on SAP IS-U project as Billing consultant knows the fact that managing and transporting Billing Master Data is a bit tricky.

There are standard tools provided by SAP to move these efficiently across Development -> Quality -> Production, few of them are below:

EA_TRANSPORT – Complete Transport

EA_DOWNLOAD – Download Selective Master Data

EA_UPLOAD – Upload Selective Master Data

where from the source system you execute Complete Transport which will ask for a new Request and this will be used to move to target system.

Again under EA_TRANSPORT (or EQ82) there is an option to include the Price and Discount changes as well. There are Price-only transports like EPRICE_UPLOAD, REA_PRICE_DOWNLOAD, REA_PRICE_UPLOAD available which can also be referred.

What if in a case where the super user directly need to create Price in Production from EA89? The default client settings under SCC4 in Production (as a best practice) is not to allow any change, which means you can not save the price changes without a transport request.

To override this, SAP has provided user exit Enhancement EBIS0010 and delivers the exit EXIT_SAPLEA89B_003, here just set the export parameter  Y_NO_AUTO_TRANS = ‘X’ in your custom project and all done, no Transport Request will be prompted in Production.

Hope this helps!



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