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UPDATE: SAP Learning Hub Myth Buster Challenge Extension (ENDED)

Over the last 10 weeks, this campaign helped bust five major myths about SAP Learning Hub. Due to the time sensitive nature of the polls, and some of the participants not being able to complete this challenge, the duration of this campaign is being extended for one last week. So if you missed out on voting in any of the polls, here is your last chance! Following is the re-activation schedule for all five polls:

Myth 1: Certification preparation – May 09, 09:00 am EST to May 10, 08:59 am EST

Myth 2: CostMay 10, 09:00 am EST to May 11, 08:59 am EST

Myth 3: Relevance May 11, 09:00 am EST to May 12, 08:59 am EST

Myth 4: Value May 12, 09:00 am EST to May 13, 08:59 am EST

Myth 5: Language May 13, 09:00 am EST to May 14, 08:59 am EST

Remember, to earn all three badges, you have to bookmark this blog, and vote in all five of the polls.


SAP Learning Hub is the largest program when it comes to learning SAP! It supports continuous learning should it be for building or maintaining skills for academia students, SAP software users or for professionals who run, implement or support SAP systems. Several thousands of training titles and social learning opportunities – SAP Learning Hub provides comprehensive learning management for a single subscription fee.


If you are not an SAP Learning Hub subscriber, we recommend you try it! There is a for free trial edition: SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition. It is a limited version of SAP Learning Hub – allowing you to discover the value and benefits of a full subscription to SAP Learning Hub. Discovery edition includes more than 120 SAP training titles, some of them available as full courses, some as abstracts. So you can get a good understanding about the hub and you can already benefit from the content provided to build or maintain your SAP skills. SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition is free to anyone. Subscribing is quite simple, you can find instructions in this blogpost.

For all of SAP Learning Hub’s features, there is some mis-information out there about using SAP Learning Hub so we’ve created this fun mission on SCN to help dispel the myths!

Join the SAP Learning Hub Myth Buster challenge by participating in the following polls:

Myth 1: Certification preparation – closed March 13

Myth 2: Cost – closed March 28

Myth 3: Relevance – closed April 11

Myth 4: Value – closed April 25

Myth 5: Language open April 25 through May 7/8 (depending on your time zone)

Vote in the polls share your real experiences with SAP Learning Hub around these topics.


Mission 1: I Accept the SAP Learning Hub Myth Buster Challenge: 2 points (MISSION ENDED)

You found the ‘Knowledge is Power’ blog post on SCN, now all you have to do is bookmark it.

Mission 2: I Voted in One of the SAP Learning Hub Myth Buster Polls: 2 points (MISSION ENDED)

Participate in any 1 poll around SAP Learning Hub. 

Mission 3: I Voted in All 5 Myth Buster Polls: 5 points (MISSION ENDED)

You seem to be an expert when it comes to learning SAP and you know Knowledge is Power! If you participate in all 5 myth buster polls you will earn 5 points! This mission will be up and running until May 8, 2016.

Happy Learning and may the power to know be with you!

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Sabine, there is a error message –

    Uh oh, Bitly couldn’t find a link for the bitly URL you clicked.

    Most Bitlinks are 4-6 characters, and only include letters and numbers (and are case sensitive)

    when opening mission details of mission I Voted in All Five of…


  2. Former Member

    Hi Benz,

    I am getting one unauthorized message, while accessing the below URL.


    The error message displaying like below.Capture.PNG

    Please help me out.

    1. Former Member

      As the screen shot provided by you itself shows that the polls will be open till March 13.  If you click on March 14, it will show this error

    1. Caroleigh Deneen

      I love the anticipation for the new poll and our international community! It will be open between 9:AM and 9:30 EST. Sorry for the confusion, I put a note in the announcement above to make it clearer.

  3. Veselina Peykova

    Unfortunately many courses in the Learning Hub require installation of Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader.

    Are there any plans in the future to make them work with alternative software for desktop access?

  4. Praveen Patelkhana

    I subscribed to Learning hub and I liked the fact it is a one shop stop but was very disappointed when I subscribed the User edition. It does not cover any thing for SAP Sales and distribution. Now I have to shell out 10 times the money to be able to access content that I need. Not sure I want to spend ~3k for couple of courses. Plus its very difficult from discovery edition to know if the course you are reviewing is available in user edition. It should mention clearly that this course is available in professional edition only.

    After a lot of clicking and searching I found one excel sheet that shows what courses are available and in what edition. So basically I have to download that sheet periodically to see if my courses will show up in user edition.

  5. Paulo Vitoriano

    Hi, just to flag a minor bug (probably it is), I got the third badge, but it does not show up on the reputation history with mentioned +5 points.

  6. Jamie Cantrell

    Super excited that the polls were re-opened today for all those who missed the earlier questions but still wanted to participate and get those badges!!  Thanks team!


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