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Customization of SAP screens using PERSONAS

SAP screen personas gives the new option for changing and optimizing  SAP  GUI screens where the developers and the end users can modify the screens as per their requirements with rich user interface. The customization are done directly in the browser itself.

Lets create a simple screen customization.

Step 1: Go to transaction SICF, enter Hierarchy type as SERVICES and press function key F8.


Step 2: Go to the Service Path – /sap/bc/bsp/persos/mainapp/.

Right click on mainapp and click on test service. You will be navigated to the browser get the below screen.


Step 3: Go to Flavor Menu and click on create copy and provide your own name as shown in below screen shot.


Step 4: Now you are in a edit mode, you can perform any operations such as

             i.  Moving  items as per our requirement

            ii. Hiding unnecessary things on screen

           iii. Customizing the screens items .

           iv. Adding themes, background images and much more.

Let’s make the screen items hide,


The above  icon is used to hide the screen elements

To hide the elements select the items and then click on the hide icon as shown below.


Step 5: After hiding the unnecessary items your screen looks like this.


Step 6: Lets upload background image to the screen.


Step 7: Now background will be added to the screen as shown below.


Step 8: Add some images, launch buttons and design the screen.

To adding Launch button click on Open control box -> Launch button.


After customization


Step 9 : When you double click on create, Change or display buttons. You will be navigated to corresponding transactions.

Create  PR :


Change PR:


Display PR:


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    • Hi Jitendra,

      You should find the persos in the hierarchy  sap/bc/bsp/persos/mainapp as shown in the below screen print.

      If you didn't find the path persos has not configured sucessfully or not yet configured in your system.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Girish Kumar V.

      • Hi Girish:

        Thanks for replying. I had understood your step2  on finding this folder. However I don't see those folders in that path in my installation. My BASIS folks are asking me the process on where to get those folders in that path?

        Is there a link or document that guides one on how to do this? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

        Jitendra Mehta

        • Jitendra and Girish

          We figured out the missing piece. After installing personas 3.0 SP2 we are now at a place where would like to be. Its now up to Jitendra Mehta and the Dev Team to take it to the next level


          Srinivas Kondaveeti

      • Hi Girish,

        I do have same issue that I couldn't excute step 2 I am unable to see that path. Could you please tell how can I get that path.  How to configure the persos in my system?

        Thanks in Advance.