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Author's profile photo Gavin Quinn

Launch SAPGUI for Windows from Fiori Launchpad (Code Included)

As we think of more ways to setup Fiori Launchpad as the starting point for all SAP apps instead of SAP Portal, one very common scenario is launching traditional SAPGUI for Windows applications with single sign-on.

As a bit of a POC, I whipped up this app that reads your SAPGUI favorites, and let’s you launch them from this Fiori App.

All the code is open for you to try and adjust for yourself in GitHub: GitHub – MindsetConsulting/sapgui: SAP Fiori App to Launch SAPGUI for Windows

Live tile reads your favorites available:

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 5.07.46 PM.png

Basic master/detail shows your favorites with description and the systems (Gateway could connect to multiple systems):

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 5.07.58 PM.png

Click the button and launch SAP GUI:

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 5.08.07 PM.png

Enjoy, and feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions!


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      Author's profile photo Joseph Chinnabathini
      Joseph Chinnabathini

      Hi Gavin,

      I tried but getting error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) ....No service found for namespace , name ZFAVORITES_SRV, version 0001

      /sap/opu/odata/sap/ZFAVORITES_SRV;mo/$metadata 403 (Forbidden)

      Is it ZFAVORITES_SRV missing in your code? i dont see that service at all. could you please check.



      Author's profile photo Gavin Quinn
      Gavin Quinn
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Joseph,

      Good catch! There was a quick back-end service we whipped up for this as well. I'll attach that on GitHub too. Stay tuned, I'll put an update in the next couple days.

      Author's profile photo Ahmed Salam
      Ahmed Salam

      Joseph ,

      would you share with me the steps you took to accomplish this ?

      i have the same need but i dont know where to start.


      Author's profile photo KRISHNA Naradasu
      KRISHNA Naradasu

      can  you please send us favorites gateway service code details please.


      Author's profile photo Ahmed Salam
      Ahmed Salam

      Hello KRISHNA ,

      Will you please share with me how did u accomplish this ?

      not the favorites thing just the calling WIN GUI Part even to a transaction or Session_manager

      I would very much appreciate it

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Could you please add backend services code as well. This will really help us.



      Author's profile photo Ahmed Salam
      Ahmed Salam

      Hi Gavin,

      i would like very much to perform this approach on my landscape and im having some issues understanding the codes  attached , could you please explain further the steps to accomplish this ?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Thanks for this awesome post. I have replicated all the steps above and able to download the file of launchpad in my Browser.Hence the user has to manually click on the file to launch the SAP GUI.

      However my requirement is to launch the sap gui for window on click of a tile.I guess this is because the extension .sap is not of standard mime type. Could you provide any solution or hint for this. Thanks

      Author's profile photo Arihant Kothari
      Arihant Kothari


      Hi Anubhav,

      I am also working on a POC similar to yours. I am trying to invoke different SAP systems on click on the Fiori tile. Did you happen to find out something that helped you?




      Author's profile photo Gavin Quinn
      Gavin Quinn
      Blog Post Author

      Hey - sorry for the delay - these posts don't always trigger e-mails properly.


      So yes - mine launch automatically. You have to of course have SAPGUI installed and fully functioning. Did you try to launching the same thing from the SAP Portal (that is where the technique is derived from)?


      Author's profile photo Arihant Kothari
      Arihant Kothari

      Hello Gavin, I had a question about how you've implemented single sign on.

      I tried to replicate your method of creating a BLOB object and fill it in with MYSAPSSO2 cookie. Unfortunately, my browser doesn't allow me to read the cookie value through JavaScript.

      However, I can see this cookie storing value in the networks tab.

      I learnt that the SAP Logon Tickets (Assuming MYSAPSSO2 is a logon ticket in SAP's terminology) - can be set HTTPOnly - so that it cant be read by JavaScript.

      Have you done any additional configuration to disable this security?

      Apart from using MYSAPSSO2 cookie, what other alternatives I can have to implement the SSO functionality?

      Thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate your help!

      Author's profile photo Arihant Kothari
      Arihant Kothari

      Hello Gavin,

      Thanks for your very articulated post and for sharing the source code with us.

      I had a question about how you’ve implemented SSO.

      What kind of configurations do you require in the gateway system (where my UI5 code is hosted) – so that I can launch other systems without requiring to sign in?

      I understand that the gateway system needs to add other systems as ‘trusted’ systems. Is that correct, and sufficient?


      Also, Is it possible for you to share the code you've written for the service?

      Author's profile photo Tri Minh Le
      Tri Minh Le

      Hi @gavinpquinn,

      Good blog. I've been trying to implement your solution. But something confuses me. I hope that you can clarify.

      1. In function onPressSAPGUI, I need to get $.cookie("MYSAPSSO2"). But I don't know when this cookie is assigned. Does the cookie return when you first retrieve master list?
      2. Are there any MYSAPSSO2 settings in backend that I have to do first? Or the system just does it automatically?




      Author's profile photo Lesedi Diamond Damane
      Lesedi Diamond Damane

      Hi Tri 

      Were you able to open the SAP GUI automatically without having to open the downloaded file first. If so, how did you do it?