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With the new downtime-minimized upgrade procedure “Zero Downtime Option of SUM (ZDO)”, you can expect a downtime reduced to only one re-start. Additionally, the ZDO procedure decreases the cool down duration.
After one year of performing ZDO upgrades in several customer pilot projects we are making the next step: With SUM 1.0 SP16 or higher, we are shipping ZDO of SUM on request (“available on request”).


How does “available on request” work?


The ZDO procedure is validated and in principle available with the latest SUM version. However, we still want to be in close contact with our customers to get feedback and also to see further improvements.

You can find the all the relevant information in SAP Note 2163060 “Prerequisites and Restrictions of Zero Downtime Option of SUM”:


This SAP Note contains all prerequisites regarding start release, target release, minimum and DB release in order to verify whether ZDO is usable for your upgrade project or not.


This slide explains the high-level ZDO focus (status December 2016):




Maybe you don’t use the enabled DB or your product is not officially available for request, such as SAP CRM. In this case, you can still think about going with a pilot (project basis). With the pilot release you have a service and the SAP consultants / CoE support you to get the upgrade successfully done and that you are well prepared also for the next updates with ZDO. For further questions, please get in contact with your service contact or with me.

However the most common products and DB are already “available on request”. 

And after you have read SAP Note 2163060 “Prerequisites and Restrictions of Zero Downtime Option of SUM” and verified that your product, release, and DB is enabled for ZDO, you just start the quick procedure to get ZDO incl. support from SAP development.


With “available on request” the SAP Software Lifecycle department is still in close cooperation with you:

    • Answer your request to use ZDO
    • Telco to verify scope, functionality, schedule and open questions
      • Productive support on request


Additional service support is still recommended for knowledge ramp up / cookbook optimization or productive upgrade



Request to use ZDO


Create a support incident under component BC-UPG-DTM-TLA.

The incident header should contain the title “[ZDO/SUM]: Request for registration”. Within the long text of your support incident please provide the following information:

  • Address data:
    • Customer name
    • SAP customer ID according to OSS/CSN
    • Contact person to SAP (name & contact relevant data, i.e. address, phone, email)
    • Place of work (City, Country)
  • Data per concerned system:
    • System name (SAP System-ID)
    • System role (i.e. Test, Evaluation/Sandbox, QA, Production)
    • Operating system of server running the central instance (name, release, version, SP level, patch level)
    • Operating system of database server (name, release, version, SP level, patch level)
    • Database (name/vendor, release, version, SP, patch level)
    • Product release information (i.e. SAP ERP 6.0), Enhancement Package and Support Package Stack
    • Additional installed software-components and/or custom development components (yes/no; if yes, which?)
    • Target Support Package level (i.e. SP5, SP6,#)
    • Planned maintenance date
  • Additional information / comments / special requests


Telco for final clarification

After first contact via OSS a telco is helpful to share further details about the ZDO procedure or to answer your open questions.

Finally, you will get access to another SAP Note including all info about how to activate ZDO. It also contains the ZDO guide.

If you want to get additional support from SAP to speed up the learning curve or improve the cookbook steps, we will involve our experienced colleagues from SAP Support / Consulting. However, this is, of course, optional.



Preparation of ZDO Upgrade / Update / Customer Release

You can use ZDO of SUM for the following activities:

  • Update / Upgrade (SP, EHP) of SAP
  • Combined Upgrade / Update of SAP with customer transport requests
  • Customer release only


In all cases you start with a sandbox test (copy of production system) to ramp up your knowledge, get first key indicator of the upcoming maintenance activity and finally analyze that ZDO does not harm your business.

When you start your project, you might still need support from SAP in case of issues. For related ZDO issues you can use the existing request message or create a new one and inform us. Because of “available on request” you get a special support.


After pre-clarified milestones, e.g. after Sandbox test, upgrade of quality system and production upgrade we will have a call. In this call we clarify open issues and also get feedback from you.

This overall way of cooperation has been proven with several other procedures and functions of SUM. And also for ZDO we think it is the logical next step and a win-win for you our customers and for the development department as well.


For further details about ZDO, see also Zero Downtime Option of SUM (ZDO) is available on request.

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  1. Kazuma Suzuki

    Hi Martin and Jens,

    I checked the note 216306 but S/4 HANA is not listed. It means ZDO cannot be used in the upgrade process from ECC6.0 to S/4 HANA?

    If my understand Is correct,  is there any roadmap to support S/4 HANA in the future?

    Best regards,


    1. Jens Fieger

      Hello Kazuma,

      the procedure from ECC 6.0 to S/4HANA is called system conversion as there is no upgrade path. ZDO is not an option for the system conversion from ECC 6.0 to S/4HANA. You may check also the reply from Boris

      For the future we do have a roadmap to support applying support packages in S/4HANA.

      Best regards,


      1. Kazuma Suzuki

        Hello Jens,

        OK, I understand the scope of ZDO correctly.

        I also checked the link you attached.

        To tell the truth, Tarmizee who wrote the message is my collegue and, after I ask him this question, he wrote the message.

        By the way, will you attend Tech ED Las Vegas?

        If so It would be so nice If I could meet you.

        Best Regards,


  2. Nicholas Chang

    Hi @Martin Herrmann,


    I would like to clear the confusion on “available on request”. Does this mean we get below support from SAP free of charge? I was told that we still need to pay a fees to SAP, eg: Downtime Optimized for DMO, even the services are “available on request” as there would be some involvement from SAP? Please correct me if i’m wrong.

    With “available on request” the SAP Software Lifecycle department is still in close cooperation with you:

    • Answer your request to use ZDO
    • Telco to verify scope, functionality, schedule and open questions
      • Productive support on request



  3. Rhishabh Vyas

    Hello Martin/Jithin,

    Is there any Cost involvement in ZDO? or Please let me know in which situation we need to pay fee.

    Waiting for your response.

    Thanks & Regards




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