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Troubleshooting Deployment to an ABAP System from SAP Web IDE



SAP Web IDE offers the ability to deploy applications into your ABAP system as a new app or as an update to an existing one.

All you have to do it to right-click your app and choose Deploy -> Deploy to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository, fill in the necessary information such as name, description and package, and click Finish.


Technical Details


  • When the system is selected in the first step of the wizard, we execute a call to get the discovery XML of the /sap/bc/adt service (issuing GET for /sap/bc/adt/discovery). Then we analyze the result XML to verify all is valid to proceed. If something is missing or there was a problem issuing the request we show an error (more details below).
  • A new application is deployed on the server by issuing POST/PUT requests for its resources.
  • Upon update of an existing application, we deploy the entire app and not only the changed resources, because there is no tracking on changes being done to the app outside of SAP Web IDE and by other users. This is similar to the functionality of the /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD function (with slight difference).




Here are some problems and solutions that I’ve gathered from my experience here on SCN:


  • Problem: I don’t have the needed authorizations to deploy.
    Solution: You should obtain all the needed authorizations in order to be able to deploy. See this comment for more details.
  • Problem: My ABAP system is showing in SAP Web IDE but not in this wizard.

Solution: Make sure you have the dev_abap WebIDEUsage configured in your destination in HCP cockpit.


  • Problem: I get an error when my system is selected in the first step of the wizard.

Solution: This can happen for several reasons:

    • This error is presented: “Service cannot be reached”.
      It means that /sap/bc/adt service isn’t activated in your backend system.
      Go to transaction SICF and activate it. Then reopen the wizard in SAP Web IDE.
    • This error is presented: “Make sure /sap/bc/adt/discovery is reachable and returns a valid XML. If a login page is presented, change the configuration of your system to Basic Authentication as Form Authentication is not supported”.
      This can be due to the fact that indeed Form Authentication or SAML is configured and that is currently not supported. A possible workaround would be to either change the entire configuration to Basic Authentication or create an external alias in SICF only for the /sap/bc/adt service, and delete the SAML configuration for this alias. This way the SAML will not be triggered for this service.
    • An “authorization” error is displayed because the /sap/bc/adt/ service isn’t activated in transaction SICF. Example: Re: Authorization error when connecting to Gateway from WebIDE
    • A “forbidden” error is displayed due to missing authorizations to access /sap/bc/adt/discovery. The best way to check this is by trying to access the discovery in the browser directly from the system’s host and port and not via SAP Web IDE using the same credentials, and see if the user gets a valid response. Examples: Re: WebIDE deploy error ,Not able to access Gateway system from WEB IDE
    • A “forbidden” error is displayed with no prompt for user credentials because the ICF node for ADT is configured with fixed user credentials. The solution would be to remove the fixed user credentials. This can also occur during the deployment process and result in an “CSRF token validation failed” error. Example: CSRF token validation failed while deploying extended fiori application to ABAP Repository
    • A “forbidden” error is displayed because SAP Note 1977537 is not implemented (Introduction of XHR client authentication). If you have not implemented this note or if it needs an update, make sure you implement the latest version of the note.
    • The following error is displayed: “Cannot select the system. Check the configuration for ABAP Development Tools“. This can be due to missing prerequisites, or missing authorizations, see example: Error Connecting to ABAP Repository from webIDE.
    • The following error is displayed: “Access denied to resource /sap/bc/adt/discovery on system XXX. In case this was a valid request, ensure to expose the resource correctly in your cloud connector“. In order to resolve this issue make sure you exposed the /sap/bc/adt path in your cloud connector, including sub-paths.
  • Problem: I can only deploy to $TMP package.
    Solution: Either a note implementation is missing, or some note’s status needs a reset due to the SAP_BASIS version. Please follow the prerequisites mentioned in our documentation.
  • Problem: I’m getting an error after selecting a package or an application and in the browser’s network trace I see “CSRF token validation failed” error when trying to
    reach /sap/bc/adt/cts/transportchecks service.
    Solution: In short, this issue may happen because the backend system expects a request with HTTPS and receives a request with HTTP or vice versa.
    Then it performs a redirect which makes the CSRF token invalid. Make sure to configure the destination in HCP cockpit and Cloud Connector in the
    same way the backend expects to get it (or change the security configuration of your backend system).


  • Problem: I’m getting this error upon deployment: “Cannot deploy application XXX: Remote creation in customer namespace not possible“.
    Solution: The target system is running in SAP mode.You can either use the SAP namespace in the given application name, or change the system to work in customer mode if possible. Alternatively an empty app can be created with report /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD via SAPGUI and then you can deploy into it.
  • Problem: I’m getting this error upon deployment: “Cannot deploy application XXX: SAP object YYY cannot be assigned to package ZZZ“.
    Solution: Verify the BSP app name matches the package you selected in terms of their namespace (whether they should start with a Z or a Y).
    See more details in this thread for example: The object is not assigned to package my new ZP… | SCN
  • Problem: I’m getting this error upon deployment: “No development license for user XXX”.
    Solution: This is the standard behavior of an ABAP system. To deploy, the user has to be registered as a developer in the system.
  • Problem: I’m getting this error upon deployment: “Object X is already locked in request Y of user Z”.
    Solution: Make sure to select the right transport in the wizard. If selecting a transport isn’t possible check the prerequisites and make sure all relevant notes are implemented, and that you have all relevant authorizations for the /sap/bc/adt/cts/transportchecks service.
  • Problem: I’m getting this error upon deployment: “Cannot deploy the application. Virus scan server error. No virus scan profile is selected as the default”.
    Solution: You need to select a virus scan profile in your backend system or switch it off. Example: Re: Cannot deploy application in ABAP Repository – Virus scan server error


  • Problem: I’m getting this error upon deployment: “Cannot deploy the application: Request XXX is not a local request“. The transport request is created as part of the wizard.
    Solution: Both the package and the new transport request have a transport layer assigned to them. In this case, the package has a local transport layer assigned to it, but the transport request created is not a local request. See SAP Note 2121673 that deals with inconsistencies in the transport handling, and how such inconsistencies might result in this error. Check whether you have the latest release of this note and that the package is defined as described in the note.
  • Problem: Empty files aren’t being deployed.
    Solution: Implement SAP Note 2211746.
  • Problem: I get an error during deployment: “Cannot deploy application <app name>: HTTP Status 504 – An internal application error occurred”.
    Solution: This can happen if the application contains a rather large file, and the HTML5 Dispatcher (which is on the route from SAP Web IDE to the ABAP system) gets a timeout when trying to dispatch it.
    Sometimes the HTML5 dispatcher has a shorter timeout (30s) than the ABAP system itself (5m), so the ABAP system is actually able to handle the upload of the large file but the HTML5 dispatcher raises a timeout in the process.
    The solution would be to increase the timeout of the HTML5 Dispatcher.
    Take a look at Accessing REST Services under Destination Properties and increase the timeout to the maximum of 300s.
    You may need to perform an ICM hard reset if raising the timeout does not help.
    Finally if none of the above helps, I suggest to identify the large file and upload it manually via SE80.
  • Problem: I get an error during deployment: “Cannot deploy application <app name>: Resource XXX does already exist
    Solution: The problem is that SAP Web IDE tries to create a new resource instead of updating it since it already exists.
    But the real problem relies in the UI5RepositoryPathMapping.xml file.
    This file contains a list of all files in the application and their paths and it should be valid. SAP Web IDE examines this file in order to get the app’s structure, but if the file is not valid, i.e. manual changes have been made to it, errors such as this occur.
    You should make sure that this file is valid and depicts the true structure of the app.
  • Problem: After deploying an extended application and executing it from Fiori Launchpad I get this error: “File <namespace/<app name>/index.html NOT found!“.
    Answer: The LPD_CUST URL should be accurate (possible need to end with /webapp). Example: Deploy Extended app
  • Problem: I get an error during deployment: “Cannot deploy application <app name>:
    A dynpro popup has been opened during processing“.
    Solution: This should not happen.
    This error indicates that the server has tried to open a transport selection dialog, which won’t work if called via HTTP like in this case.
    A possible reason would be that the given application namespace does not match the namespace of the selected package.
  • Problem: I get an error during deployment: “Object <object name> cannot be created without a package” OR “Page <page name> does not exist in application <app name>”.
    Solution: This issue can result in different error messages. The root cause is missing server stickiness during the deployment process, i.e. your system has several application servers and the deployment requests are switching between them.
    An example of a faulty situation: the request to create a folder is sent to one application server and the request to create a file in this folder is sent to another application server. This request then fails because it can’t find the folder.
    Usually, when using a Web Dispatcher, session stickiness is ensured, however this is not the case if the message server of the system is used for load balancing of HTTP requests. This is a known limitation that should be avoided.
    If the message server of your system is configured either in your destination in the cockpit or in your cloud connector, this should be changed. Either use a real Web Dispatcher or specify the specific app server.


More Tips


  • Whenever you experience an issue with the deployment and ask for help, it’s very helpful to attach the network trace available in the browser’s Developer Tools, specifically the failed request and its response. Also attach how your destination is configured.
  • You can see the progress of the deployment in the SAP Web IDE Console (available from the View menu).



For more troubleshooting, check out Web IDE technical FAQ.

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  • Hi Michal,

    Congrats for this post! It will be very useful.

    Personally I have been using the Web IDE in order to deploy into my ABAP Repository and it is working like a charm!

    Cheers, Valter

  • Hi Michal,

    I am trying to deploy customized Approve Requisitions app (MM_PR_APV) to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository. We are getting an error message "No license to edit object R3TR WAPA MM_PR_APV".

    Any idea what may be causing this?



      • Thanks Michal for the reply. I am new to ABAP and didn't know the process. Our ABAP team got the access key for this object and we were able to pass the step. But now, we are stuck with another error message - "Cannot create the transport because the server returned an error: No authorization to access the resource /sap/bc/adt/cts/transports."

        I assume its related to roles assigned to my login.

        I just wanted to clarify one more thing. After we customize the SAP provided app, we should deploy the extension app using the option "Update and existing app", correct?



  • Hmmm, i have no problem to deploy a app from the local webbed to Abap backend, but i cannot execute the app in the backend system, because only page fragments are deployed. No page with flow logic :-(. The prerequisites are fullfilled.

    Regards, Stefan

    • Hi Stefan,

      If your app has no page with flow logic then it's not supposed to be executed as a standalone. You should create a tile on your FLP and launch it from there.

      If you do have such a page and it's being excluded during the build, you can relocate it the root of the application and this way it will get deployed.


      • Hello Michal, I am having the same issue as reported by Stefan "only page fragments deployed" on premise. What are you suggesting to add to the project prior to deploying and what info should we put in the index.html file?

  • Great blog ... and the 'timing' is great 🙂

    I am running into an issue with the SAP WebIDE (v160128 ) when trying to deploy an application to the ABAP repository of a 7.31 system.

    I had the problem that only 'local deployment' was possible so I implemented the SAP notes ' 2046730' and '2047506' successfully.

    Now I can continue and choose a development package but when then I am getting the following error: "Failed to get transports for the selected package. Request [ POST /webidedispatcher/destinations/<xxx>/sap/bc/cts/transportchecks ] failed: Not Found."

    Which is 'correct' in the sense that I don't see any ICF service '/sap/bc/cts' ...

    I was assuming that the above SAP notes would 'fix' that - maybe create a 'redirect' service or so ... but unfortunately not ...

    Any suggestions would be kindly appreciated ...



    • Hi Steven,

      These notes should indeed do the trick. Have you installed their latest package?

      The call to the 'transportcheck' should be done via service /sap/bc/adt/cts and not via /sap/bc/cts. What does your /sap/bc/adt/discovery say?


      • Hi Michal,

        Thanks for your feedback .. I ran de discovery service and the links were correctly defined in there ... I started WebIDE again and this time it works without any issues ... might have been a 'caching' issue on WebIDE or ICF framework level ?



      • Hi Michal,

        After using the Web IDE successfully for quite a while, I now suddently getting the following issue when trying to update an existing application ( or create a new one ) ...

        Failed to get transports for the selected package. Cannot assign to read only property 'lastIndex' of object '[object RegExp]'.

        When creating a new 'local' application I don't have any issue ...

        I don't understand why this is now suddently happening .. as far as I know our system has not been changed ... 

        The 'discovery' service works as intended.  I don't see anything special in the network calls or in the consolte output.

        Any ideas ?



          • Hi Michal,

            Thanks for your quick response ... much appreciated !

            You are right ... when I use IE ( v11 ) then it works ... hmmm weird ...not sure why this is happening then ...


          • Hi Michal,  unfortunately disabling all chrome extensions does not make any difference ... the error still occurs ...  It also happens in 'Mozilla Firefox' ... Only IE seems to work ... weird

  • Hi Michal,

    using ABAP Deployment from WebIDE some files are working fine, but then i got:

    12:46:28 (SAPUI5 ABAP Repository) Cannot deploy application /UNIORG/WSCPC: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

    Any Infos on this kind of error?

    I think is depends on deployment size or runtime.

    If you know a solution, maybe this can be added to the issues/solutions list on top.

    Regards Holger

    • Hi Holger,

      It looks like your backend is refusing some file. Can you deploy again with the network trace open and locate the failed request? Then attach the request and its response.


      • Hi Michal,

        trying to redeploy, i got

        { jqXHR: { status: 403, ... }, textStatus: error, errorThrown: Forbidden, adtErrorData: undefined }


        error 403 forbidden

        On former tries, i was able to redeploy and it deployed another file before eror, so trying multiple times i was able to deploy the whole app.

        The component consists just of 15 files but also have a DIST folder inside WebIDE. Do i need additional user rights for team provider? We just updated EHP8 n our Business Suite on HANA. Before the update, i was able to redeploy.

        Update 16:19:00

        i was missing some UI5 user rights

        Now i am able to redeploy, but still errors after two or three files.

        Everytime i got errors on different files.

        Currently the Component-preload.js is not able to be deployed.

        For me it looks like a timeout issue or size restriction in team proivder.

        Any idea/help is appreciated.


        • I think there might be an issue with the Component-preload.js created with a size that is too big for the backend.  If I'm right this is a bug in the build process as the Component-preload.js shouldn't be so big, especially if your app has only 15 files.

          I've also seen this reported by other users on SCN.

          Are you able to create a ticket for us on this?

        • Did you able to resolve the issue, I am getting the exact same error message while trying to deploy to back end system through my local WEBIDE, I have deployed many applications to backend in the past without any issue but recently I started getting this problem

          any help will be highly appreciated




      • To expand on Michal's suggestion:

        Unless you are asking for clarification/correction of some part of the Document, please create a new Discussion marked as a Question.  The Comments section of a Blog (or Document) is not the right vehicle for asking questions as the results are not easily searchable.  Once your issue is solved, a Discussion with the solution (and marked with Correct Answer) makes the results visible to others experiencing a similar problem.  If a blog or document is related, put in a link.  Read the Getting Started documents (link at the top right) including the Rules of Engagement. 

        NOTE: Getting the link is easy enough for both the author and Blog.  Simply MouseOver the item, Right Click, and select Copy Shortcut.  Paste it into your Discussion.  You can also click on the url after pasting.  Click on the A to expand the options and select T (on the right) to Auto-Title the url.

        Thanks, Mike (Moderator)

        SAP Technology RIG

  • Hi Michal,

    I have developed a sapui5 app from scratch with my webide account. It is working fine when I run the app from my account. Even it works well in Sandbox FIORI LaunchPad.

    I had deployed to the ABAP repository, there was no issues with the deployment process. Everything seems to be good.

    Now the issue is I am using MessageBox UI to show warning message to the user.

    This is defined in sap.m library. I included these library names in my manifest.json file.

    When I try to run the app in FIORI Dev LaunchPad, I am getting an error with this MessageBox..saying that this is not a function. But this works with local browser (webide trial account)

    Similarly I defined the global models in manifest.json file and it looks like, I am getting an error with these models also. It is saying that the models I have declared in the manifest.json are undefined.

    Everything was working fine with my webide and I can run the app smoothly via my local browser.

    The difference I found so far between the webide trial and gateway system is the SAPUI5 version.

    In WebIDE I found that the minimum sapui5 version required is 1.30.0 but in the gateway system where I deployed my app has the sapui5 version as 1.28.13.

    Do we need to upgrade the necessary components in the gateway system?. Also if we update the sapui5 version, will it fix these issues?

    Thanks in advance!!



    • Unless you are asking for clarification/correction of some part of the Document, please create a new Discussion marked as a Question.  The Comments section of a Blog (or Document) is not the right vehicle for asking questions as the results are not easily searchable.  Once your issue is solved, a Discussion with the solution (and marked with Correct Answer) makes the results visible to others experiencing a similar problem.  If a blog or document is related, put in a link.  Read the Getting Started documents (link at the top right) including the Rules of Engagement. 

      NOTE: Getting the link is easy enough for both the author and Blog.  Simply MouseOver the item, Right Click, and select Copy Shortcut.  Paste it into your Discussion.  You can also click on the url after pasting.  Click on the A to expand the options and select T (on the right) to Auto-Title the url.

      Thanks, Mike (Moderator)

      SAP Technology RIG

  • Hi guys,
    I created an account for sap web ide recently, but when i open se38 and try to create a program it says no authorization to create. Is there any process to do so that I can create programs or do I require any authorization? If so what is the process for doing the same?

    Thanks in advance...

  • Hi Michal,

    thank you for this blog, it already helped me a lot.

    However I have a problem with deploying a new app: I receive the error message "Cannot deploy application <app name>: HTTP Status 504 - An internal application error occurred". As described in your blog the reason seems to be an image which I try to transfer. When I delete the image, everything goes fine.

    But I need this image and it really is not that big (10 KB). Is there a way to increase the threshold for the timeout?


    Best regards,


    • Hi Jurgen,

      Matthias Schmalz and I came across this issue several times before.

      We discovered like you said that during a deployment of a MIME object a timeout occurs. I think we should find the root cause of this error and not simply increase the timeout because I think it will not help.

      There are couple of things that can be checked:

      - Open the browser network trace before deploying

      - Logon to the ABAP system and start TA SM50 (in case of multiple application servers ensure that you are on the same that is called from Web IDE).

      - Start the deployment and watch the network trace until the long running request for the image is sent

      - Refresh SM50 and check for the process. Have a look at its details. Is it currently doing a SELECT from table  SMIMCONT1?

      If you're interested we can continue this investigation via emails. Maybe we can finally discover the root cause of this and this will benefit all 🙂


      • Hi Michal,

        thank you very much for your help. In the meantime I found out, that the issue is not only related to the file size, but also to the file type. The strange thing is: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

        At the moment we're upgrading our system, so right now I can't do any further investigations. But if the problem still exists afterwords I would like to come back to you.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Jürgen,

          we also had a lot of trouble with CC.

          At the end i tested out a local CC with our system and that worked perfectly as expected.

          The only difference has been the used JAVA SDK Version!

          Do you use the Oracle or SAP JVM?

          SAP HANA Cloud Platform

          It seems, that there are some hard dependencies between JVM and CC and therefore i would use the download option from the SAP Development Tools site. Also make sure running java -version from cmd line, that your os is using the right JVM.

          We are currently running on CC v2.7.2 with SAP Java Version 1.8.0_51 (SAP AG).

          In our case, all issues concerning timeouts has been gone since changing

          (except the issues, where SAP HCP is not available 😉

          It took me a lot of time to figure this out, so maybe this is a timesaver for you.

          Regards Holger

  • Hi Michal,

    I am getting an error "Cannot deploy application Z... : CSRF token validation failed".

    I have verified ADT service is active.
    I am able to download the discovery file without any issues.
    I use HTTP in HCC and HCP cockpit.

    Can you please help to resolve this?


    • Hi Thruna,

      The blog suggests more solution to this issue except for whether the ADT service is active or not.
      Have you checked whether it is configured with fixed user credentials?
      You say that you use HTTP but is it what the backend expects to receive? Perhaps it expect an HTTPS request?
      If none of these helped please describe more thoroughly your flow (are you deploying a new application or updating an existing one? Are you deploying to a local package or are you using a transport?).
      Also attaching the network trace will be helpful.


  • Hi Michal,

    I want to extend Standard fiori application "Post Incoming Payment", but it seems blank blue page.
    Can you please suggest what i do for that?

    Is this any version diference issue?

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Hi All,

    I am coming across issues when I try to deploy my application from SAP Web IDE Personal Edition to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository.  Following is the error I am getting:

    "Cannot deploy the application.  An entry for the UI5 BSP Repository was not found in the ABAP Development Tools Discovery service.  Install the missing software components on your ABAP system and try again.  For more information refer to the SAP Web IDE documentation."

    We are on SAP 7.4 SP 15.  SAP_UI 7.4 SP 17.

    What do I need to do to resolve this issue?  How can I check what software components it's referring to?


    • Hi,

      Please check the prerequisites in our documentation:
      Also if you like you can attach here the discovery.xml being downloaded when you reach:
      https://<your backend host and port>/sap/bc/adt/discovery


  • Hi Michal:

    Thank you for your reply.  I checked the prerequisites and I think we have all covered.

    I couldn't attach the word document (with complete discovery.xml from back-end) I created, but please see the image files below that shows the error, xml file that is getting downloaded, and the test I performed in the back-end.  Hope it will be helpful.

    discovery.xml that gets downloaded when I access the URL directly.

    discovery.xml when I access it in back-end using T-Code /N/IWFND/GW_CLIENT



    • It's a little hard because i can't see the content of the discovery.xml.

      From your attachments I could see that the discovery.xml isn't right when you open it in the browser, I mean, it's not like when you open it in the system, am I right? Or is it simply not expanded? Anyway I need to see the content in order to find what's missing in your configuration.



  • Hi Michal:

    Yes, you are right; the discovery.xml is not right.  It is different when I open it in the system.  I tried attaching a word document with complete discovery.xml from system, but couldn't find an option to do so.  How can I share it with you?



    • Maybe it's not needed. Consult with your system admin. The discovery xml should be valid when viewed via HTTP. If it's not then you need to make it work, then it will work in Web IDE as well.


  • Regarding Problem: I’m getting an error after selecting a package or an application and in the browser’s network trace I see “CSRF token validation failed” error when trying to reach sap/bc/adt/cts/transportchecks service.—- How do I know if the backend expects http or https? And how to change it from https to http or vice versa in the backend?

    Is it via SICF? but all I see is service called sap/bc/adt. Noting under adt. I am on 7.5 SP00. Notes 2046730‘ and ‘2047506‘  cannot be implemented.



  • Michal,

    Thank you for the blog and your posts on Claudia Polster setup blog. We recently bought our SAP Web IDE licenses yesterday and trying to set up using our previous experience with local and personal web IDE. I tried set it up based on the blog and how we had set it up in openSAP classes.

    I just wanted to see if we could connect. So I set it up as below. I get discovery errors, but the discovery.xml is well formed when executed in the gateway system. I have attached screenshots of the configuration and error.

    Could you please help us with what we are missing. Do we have to use on-premise and access through the cloud connector?


  • Hi,

    My application is now deployed in abap system and my problem is when I run the application in GWS sytem the destination I used in HCP is not working anymore. Do you guys have some advice on how I can deal with this issue? Thanks

    • Hi,

      I recommend to create a separate thread for your question and provide more information, even screenshots.


  • Good day,

    I am trying to setup WebIDE train to deploy UI5 applications to my SAP Gateway Server.

    The connector is reporting all is happy, cockpit is reporting all is happy.

    I can import apps from my gateway server into WebIDE but I am unable to deploy due to the CSRF error.


    Here are some screeshots of my config, maybe you could avise what I am missing

    Once it is working I will fix the resources

    • Hi,

      It would be better if you create a separate thread for your issue.

      And you should also attach a screenshot of the error and specifically the failed request in the network trace.

      If you want you can send me the link to your thread and I will try and assist.



  • Hi,


    I am always get the error like below:

    An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
    4:03:40 PM (SAPUI5 ABAP Repository) An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
    But the deploying sucessfully sometimes. It looks not stable connection.
    What can I do to fix it?
    • Hi Tony,

      This happens when the backend closes the connection. Why it does that, that's a different question 🙂

      One possible reason could be that you're deploying some large file and it gets a timeout in the process. Please try to apply the solution specified in my blog, to this error: "I get an error during deployment: “Cannot deploy application <app name>: HTTP Status 504 – An internal application error occurred”.

      If this doesn't work, I would need more information:

      • Network trace from the browser
      • Go to transaction smicm
      • Find the current trace level in the middle
      • In order to increase use Goto->Trace Level->Set (Level 3 would be full tracing but maybe 2 is enough)
      • Perform the actions
      • Use Goto->Trace File->Display... to view it
      • Reset level to old value



      • Hi Michal,


        Thanks for your reply.

        It works now. Because the HCC connection is not stable. I had changed another one. Everything is fine now.




    • This is not really the right place for this question. Please create a new question, not as a comment to a blog.


  • Hi Michal! Thanks for your post. It really helps a lot!

    I have the same issue when i try to deploy or import from ABAP Repository....

    I have a cloud connector config created between SAPWEBIDE trial and my on-premise.

    When i try to import something, WEBIDE asks me user and password. i'm using on-premise/backend credentials but with no success. The same happens when i thy to deploy something from cloud to ERP.

    On ERP, when i try to logon with my credentials the user is blocked probably due to several time i tried on SAPWEBIDE logon...

    What am i missing?



    • Hi,

      Please create a new question about this issue, not as a comment in a blog.

      Also attach to it screenshots of your destination and cloud connector configurations.


  • Hi Michal,

    first of all thanks for you blog, very helpful. I added it to my favorites.

    But I'm facing a new problem when deploying my app to the ABAP repository.

    After deployment I get a warning (Application Index) that my BSP application can't be found in the SAPUI5 Respository anymore. I know that there were some upgrades on the frontend server and since then I have that problem.

    Beside the warning I get lots of errors telling me that all the sap library which are defined as dependencies in the manifest.json are not existing in the SAPUI5 library.

    Can you help me here as well?

    Thanks and regards, Thomas

    • Hi Thomas,

      I recommend that you open a new question on these issues (instead of in a comment to a blog), and there provide some screenshots with the errors you get, so it will be easier to assist.



  • Hi Michal Keidar ,

    I have configured my systems into WEBIDE Personal Edition. But our development system has undergone upgrade recently and post upgrade , I am not able to access Development system from WEBIDE.

    I am getting this error

    /sap/bc/adt/discovery 500 (Server Error)

    SICF Node is active and I have the SAP ALL auth as well . Can you please tell me what could be the problem.