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Super asset and its implementation


The concept of ‘Asset Super Number,’ in FI-AA, is used only for reporting purposes. Here, you will assign a number of individual assets to a single asset number.


Several assets can be assigned to an asset super number (for machinery, equipment in the brake assembly line). This can be useful for the following reasons:

Data relating to the assets in an asset super number can be analyzed together (in reporting).

You can create a master record for the asset super number, and all general master data common to all the assets can be handled at this level.

Process Step:

Asset No. 1

Here we are assigning asset super number in the asset master data.


Asset no 2


Asset no 3


Asset Balance from standard report ( AR01 – Asset Balances )


      Super asset number wise report.  


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  • You mention to run report S_ALR_87011978 but this is the Group Asset Report.  This is not necessary to run an asset list by Super Number.  Super Number is part of logical database ADA so it appears as a selection parameter on all asset reports built on this LDB (which is the vast majority of them).  Using the standard Asset Balances report (AR01) is sufficient and happens to be the screenshot that you have at the end of the document.