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Activating FIORI-Apps in S/4 HANA – not so hard after all!

I used to think that activating FIORI apps is a cumbersome task and I have to admit I had to give it a few attempts before I got some success.

But today I got four of them running in a short time, so I really got “in the flow”. Now I think that it’s not that hard, after all.

I’ll share with you what I did / my general approach here:

[Please note: I’m working on an sandbox system, that is not even accessible from the “outside world” – if you’re in a productive environment you probably have to pay a lot more attention to security-concerns.

(Like, thinking twice and checking back with others, before activation services in SICF; or fine-tuning the authorizations)]

Have your systems installed / up to date

We are running a backend with S/4 HANA 1511, SP1:

S4CORE          100       0001     SAPK-10001INS4CORE            S4CORE

Our frontend (gateway server) has SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA 1511 installed:

UIS4HOP1        100       0000     –           UI for S/4HANA On Premise

For configuring those systems, I use a document called “SAP Fiori Technical Foundation Configuration(EE0)” (I got it from a colleague, I couldn’t find a link to provide to you, maybe someone can help me out with that?)

[Edit: there you go: ]

Other prerequisites:

  • Have a equally named user in both the front- and the backend.
  • For testing, I give them quit a lot of authorization in fron- and backend (like SAP_ALL). 
  • In the backend, let it have role SAP_SM_S_RFCACL .

After this is done, to activate an app what I do is this:

(if not mentioned otherwise, things are done on the front end = gateway server).

1. Find your App in the App-Libraray (

     I’ll take “Manage Purchase Orders” (‘F0842’)/S3OP) as an example.

2. Check that the needed front- and backend-components are installed.

3. Activate the UI5-application in SICF.

The path is allways: /default_host/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/

The appslibrary will tell you the service name (MM_PO_CRES1)

-> just right-click and activate.

4. Activate OData services:

In /IWFND/MAIN_SERVICE, publish the OData servic(es) mentioned in the appslibrary (MM_PUR_PO_MAINTAIN).

Also make sure that it’s activated in SICF as well:

Here the path is: /default_host/sap/opu/odata/sap/

5. Assign the role given in “PFCG role for Business Catalog” (SAP_BR_PURCHASER) to your user and start testing:

6. Log on to the Fiori-launchpad.

It’s usually located at [server:port]/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html .

Tipp: use Chrome as your browser.

7. You now should see the Apps as provided by the PFCG-Role.

2016-02-25 14_20_04_SCN_Fiori_Launchpad.jpg

8. Find the one you wanted (Manage Purchase Orders) and klick on it.

9. It’s quite possible that it will not work right away, but don’t let that stop you:

The F12-Key is your friend!

-> switch to the Console.

Press F5 to reload the launchpad again.

Then click the App again.

-> Watch the error messages in the console!

There are usually 2 main error sources you can identify by those messages:


A service is not running!

GET http://[hotsname]/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/mm_purdoc_lsts1/~29C6FEC22735BB70BBE819198D78D~5/Component.js 403 (Forbidden)

-> go to the SICF-Node given in the URL (here: /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/mm_purdoc_lsts1) and activate it.


An OData service is not available:

GET http://[hostname]/sap/opu/odata/sap/ME2STAR_OD_SRV/$metadata?sap-language=DE 403 (Forbidden)

-> go to /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE and publish it!

(don’t forget to to activate the respective SICF-Node as well!)

You probably have to repeat those steps (reload, Click, Look, activate something in b) a few times, but in the end you should have your running app:

2016-02-25 14_39_03_SCN_App_is_Running.jpg


You already see the other apps (provided by the PFCG-Role) so why not make the usable, too!?

-> you can use the same “klick, look, activate”-cycle for it.


As always you have to invest some time and get acquainted with the problem domain. As you gain experience, the solution hidden behind an error message will get more and more obvious to you.

F12 is key when trying to find out what’s wrong!

So what do you think of this approach? What steps do you go when implementing Fiori-Apps (in S/4 HANA or elsewhere)?

Your comments are most welcome!

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        • hi... joachim


          m activating application..

          but is show me error after load..:

          {"error":{"code":"/IWFND/CM_BEC/029","message":{"lang":"en","value":"RFC Error: SQL error SQL code: 314 occurred whileaccessing table C_PURORDMAINTAINHEADERSLIST."},"innererror":{"application":{"component_id":"MM-PUR","service_namespace":"/SAP/","service_id":"MM_PUR_PO_MAINTAIN","service_version":"0001"},"transactionid":"62931BF5374D0020E005ABB3B1DF58D3","timestamp":"20180703123200.0866300","Error_Resolution":{"SAP_Transaction":"Run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG on SAP Gateway hub system and search for entries with the timestamp above for more details","SAP_Note":"See SAP Note 1797736 for error analysis (","Batch_SAP_Note":"See SAP Note 1869434 for details about working with $batch ("},"errordetails":[]}}}

  • A smal addition:

    Assigning all those standard roles to your user can bloat your Launchpad, which is not always wanted.

    You can create a group just containing the Apps you want (or just the ones you got running already)


    go to http://[servername]/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/arsrvc_upb_admn/main.html

    2. Switch to "Groups"

    3. Add a new group (e.g. z_my_Fiori)

    4. Add apps to your group (Tipp: you have to know the catalog the app is in -> you get it from the apps library)

    5. Create a PFCG-role with the newly created Fiori-group.

    6. Assign that role to your user (and remove the standard roles).

    -> have just the apps you wanted in your launchpad

  • Another smal hint that might be helpfull:

    Somtimes, running /IWFND/ERROR_LOG (in the frontend system) can also helpt you find out what's wrong if something is not working.

    • Hi Joachim,

      Great Post, I followed the post and I am able to see manage purchase order on launchpad and when I open it ,it is working fine ,but when I click on the one of the item from the table,it navigates to other tab and displays "service cannot be reached".

      Step 1.


      and on clicking in the next tab :

      Step 2:


      on console @step2


      and on console @step1


      please help .

  • ...and another thing:

    Looking at the Implementation Documentation (Apps-Library provides a link to it) is somtimes helpfull, too!

  • Hi Joachim,

    Have you succeed to activate Fiori App "Create Supplier Invoice"?

    We get the following error:

    SI error.PNG

    All services are activated and system was set up following admin guide,what are doing wrong? do you have any idea how can we solve this issue?

    Best regards,


    SI error.PNG
    • Hi Tomislav,

      sorry, for the late response, I seem to have missed your comment.

      Unfortunately I have no experience with "Create Supplier Invoice". If other Apps are running just fine, an only this one has a problem, I'd probably create a Incident with SAP.



    • Hi Yogendra,

      I personally don't have experience with them, yet, but I think, they should work just fine!?



  • Hi Joachim, great writeup!

    However, I'm having a problem. I've assigned roles and activated services, but I don't see any of the apps or can search them in Catalogs. I followed your write-up exactly, and I am using Embedded deployment on S/4HANA 1511 FPS02.

    This is what I see on my Fiori launchpad:


    Nothing related in error logs, any thoughts? At a loss!

    • Hi Steve,

      Were you able to resolve your problem with apps not appearing in the Launchpad?

      I'm also experiencing the same problem.

      Any insights would be appreciated.



      Raymond Bonn Mendoza

      • Hi Raymond,

        I did manage to get it working but can't explicitly say what the problem was.

        Make sure you assign authorization defaults in PFCG to roles, assign the business SAP_BR_ roles to the user as well as a role that includes S_RFCACL , and correct system alias under /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE service activation area.

        Good luck

  • Great article Joachim Rees, but I am stuck at point number 3.
    1. I opened SICF.
    2. I entered following values:

    Hierarchy Type -> SERVICE
    Virtual Host -> DEFAULT_HOST
    Service Path -> /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/
    Service Name -. MM_PO_CRES1

    Pressed F8.

    3. Right click and slected Activate and I received following error:

    "No virtual host/service selected".

    How to get over this issue ? Need help,


  • Hello,


    I am trying to use app Track supplier invoice and i am perplexed what to do more.

    i have tried everything. there is no error whatsoever

    1. in /IWFND/ERROR_LOG, it's squeaky clean
    2. in SICF i have got all things correct.
    3. in pressing F12 and checking network, after few odata issues, i activated it and now i don't see to get any error
    4. i am able to see the tile and click on tile takes me to next tab, so i presume i have all OFCG related roles correct or else i would have got error "unable to load group or error in app" etc

    the tile tries to opens the app but continuously displays the 3 dots as to it's about to load something.

    posting the screenshot, any sort of help would be helpful.


      • hi,


        I have just tried 2 in scope and unfortunately both does not work yet.

        1. track supplier invoice
        2. My inbox - PO approval

        I had this hunch that my inbox does not work as there is no data in ERP at back end

        but FBL1n (supplier invoice) has data and still the app keeps on loading.


        maybe i am missing some thing and need one last plug will fix this.

        but the issue being i am unable to find what error to look out for as everything looks in place and that's what baffles me


  • Hi Joachim,

    ich arbeite in einem Kundensystem und habe ein "fertig konfiguriertes" Fiori Launchpad bekommen. Nach erster Einrichtung habe ich das Problem, dass ich keine einzige Fiori-App öffnen kann.

    Dabei erhalte ich zwei unterschiedliche Fehlermeldungen:
    1. "Could not open app. Please try again later."
    /IWFND/ERROR_LOG spuckt dazu folgendes aus:"ERROR_INFO No service found for namespace '', name 'MM_PUR_SCHEDG_AGRMT_SRV', version '0001' ..ERROR_INFO No service found for namespace '', name 'MM_PUR_SCHEDG_AGRMT_SRV', version '0001'".

    Der Namespace ist leer, das sieht für mich nach einem Problem aus, allerdings weiß ich nicht wie ich es lösen kann.... Die App, die ich aufrufen möchte, ist die gleiche, die du in deinem Tutorial verwendest.


    2. "Service cannot be reached - 403 Forbidden"
    Bei diesem Fehler gibt es keinen Logeintrag.

    Ich habe die SICF nodes und die OData service gecheckt.

    Testweise habe ich meinem Nutzer mehrere Rollen zugeteilt und es hat wirklich keine einzige App funktioniert. Anscheinend ist etwas Grundlegendes falsch konfiguriert.

    Außerdem erhalte ich einen Haufen Fehlermeldungen in der Firefox Konsole, alle nach dem Schema "Failed to load UI5 component '....' "

    Kannst Du helfen?

    Danke und Grüße

  • Hello Joakim,


    This is seems. I am new to S/4 HANA. I would like to know if particular app is not present then how to install it and I am checking it ion rental system for S/4 HANA.


    Could you please guide me on this


  • I'm activating this app, but not working - Its very frustrating to see error message like " Could not open app and Try again later " instead of actual and useful message.

    I wish Fiori app installation documentation in the is bit more elaborative, easy to follow for developers/consultants with detailed instructions.