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The day is 09.11.2015 and for all intents and purposes, it seems to be a fairly routine and run of the mill day. But on this inconspicuous day, was the release of SAP Netweaver 7.40 SPS 13. This SPS stack release comprises many new features to the BW platform and is considered a feature release. There has been posts detailing some of the new features and product road map updates, but I find it interesting that not that many people have picked up on or commented on the new feature, Embedded Consolidation.

Previously, it was fairly straight forward. If you wanted to do planning or use the embedded model. You were always limited to only planning, the consolidation model was only available on the BPC standard / Classic which guided your implementation approach, but the reason for my interest and blog post is to draw some attention to this new feature and capability with SAP BW SPS 13, SAP BPC Embedded Consolidation is now possible..


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Having been involved with an implementation of SAP BPC Embedded Model at a large Financial Institution. I have come to appreciate the performance, flexibility and power of the BPC Embedded model. (Please refer to the reference section below to get links to the various posts outlining and detailing the difference between the two model types) . Having the ability of having both a planning and consolidation application that leverage off of the power and performance of PAK, I can say that I am pretty excited about the fact that organizations can now start to harmonize there planning and consolidation environments and leverage off the power of PAK.

I do however believe that customers will have to carefully consider and understand the drivers for deciding which models to use in their implementation. It will require careful consideration especially in light of the technical requirements and skills required for the implementation of the SAP BPC Embedded models.

I do believe that having both embedded models in the same namespace as SAP BW along with the flexibility that the it provides you, is pretty powerful motivation to consider the embedded consolidation model in itself. There is a multitude of scenarios in which having the planning and consolidations cubes in the same multi / composite provider will facilitate reporting and reduce much of the problems of moving data between models. I can remember scenario’s in which having to write tedious script logic to move data between the different models and conversely how incredibly easy it was to see and move data across different models in the embedded model using FOX and as a result of using Multi / Composite providers in the data model design.

In addition, the ability to call SQL in FOX or SQL Exit CR are pretty compelling reasons in itself for choosing the embedded models in solving a lot of the limitations of the classic BPC models. I look forward to seeing more features and functionality being added to the embedded model, along with hearing some of the customer success stories of the new implementations of using the embedded consolidation model.

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SAP Notes –

2240919 – Release Note for Netweaver 7.40 SPS13

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Daniel

    Thank You very much for your information and I am very happy for the importance of Consolidation in Embedded version.

    < Planning and Consolidation  Functions/Features  are heart of the BPC irrespective of Versions  and Now Embedded is “All in One Solution”>

    I am glad that SAP has been recognized Consolidation and brought  into Embedded version

  2. Geeta Sharma

    Thank you so much for valuable information.  Sorry if it is basic question , how about Equity pickup and Ownership calculation. Are these features part of other SP levels or i am missing something.

    1. Former Member


      Currently in current version of Embedded Consolidation Equity pickup is not supported but I am sure it would come up later sometime.



  3. Former Member

    Hi Daniel,

    thank you for the valuable info. Is someone in the community aware of an official document or website where the consolidation funcionalities of both, embedded and stadard are compared or litsted? Would really appreciate that.

    Kind regads,


  4. Former Member

    Hi Daniel:

    Thanks for the Blog and was very helpful.

    Have question related to Embedded vs Real-time Consolidation.

    1. Can we follow the Note_2243472 to create Embedded Cons model and later will be able to migrate to S/4 Real-time consolidation?.And where can I find the list Infoobject & other object used for S/4 Real-time consolidation.

    2.What is the use of Source Infoprovider in the optional section of creating Consolidation model in Embedded?



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