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BPC 10.1 on BW 7.50

With the release of SAP BW 7.50 last year, you will notice there are no CPMBPC / HANABPC Add-ons installed with your BPC 10.1 (standard or embedded) system. This was not a mistake but rather a design choice to simplify the SAP stack. Now the CPMBPC and HANABPC Add-ons have been merged into SAP BW 7.50. Therefore, a BPC 10.1 standard model will not require any additional Add-On installations. Please note: You will still need to buy a BPC 10.1 license. See slide 4 of SAP BPC 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver Product & Product Strategy Update for more information.

See SAP Note 2256796 for more information on upgrading your BPC system to NW 7.50.

Please review the following diagram:


Key Takeaway:
If you are using BPC 10.1 (standard model) on SAP BW 7.50 ,
an SAP Note (code correction) will now reference both SAP_BW 750 as well as the BPC 10.0 / BPC 10.1 CPMBPC / HANABPC Add-On versions (800 / 801 / 810) if the code correction applies to those specific versions.

For example, the validity of this Note 2271368 – Support filtering on property with size over 255 in Script Logic applies to BPC 10.0 (CPMBPC 800 and CPMBPC 801), BPC 10.1 standard on BW 7.40 (CPMBPC 810) and now BPC 10.1 standard on BW 7.50 (SAP_BW 750).


Currently there is no service pack (SP) mapping matrix between BPC 10.1 on BW 7.50 with BPC 10.1  on BW 7.40 because their release dates are not synchronized between NW 7.50 / NW 7.40.

Here are some release dates for BPC 10.1 on BW 7.50  and BPC 10.1 on NW 7.40.

BPC 10.1 on NW 7.50 RTC Dates*

BPC 10.1 on NW 7.40 RTC Dates*

BW 7.50 SP02

2016 CW 9

BPC NW 10.1 SP09
(BW 7.40 SP 14)

2016 CW 8

BW 7.50 SP03

2016 CW 17

BPC NW 10.1 SP10
(BW 7.40 SP 15)

2016 CW 22

BW 7.50 SP04

2016 CW 29

BPC NW 10.1 SP11
(BW 7.40 SP 16)

2016 CW 46

BW 7.50 SP05

2016 CW 41

BPC NW 10.1 SP12
BW 7.40 SP 17)

2017 CW 21

Please see the Note to see specific the support package and version mapping for different components.

The information contained in this schedule is subject to change. SAP does not guarantee the availability of an SP Stack delivery on the specified date. The delivery frequency of a product version may change during its life cycle.

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Please let me know if you have any questions via this blog in the comments section.

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  • Thanks for this article John, very interesting.

    Do you know what is the advantage of simplifying the SAP Stack? Are there plans of merging the POA components as well? I know that SAP is moving away from requiring the POA component for BPC, but I'm just curious.

    One of the downsides that I see for this approach, is that customers will now have to do regression testing of their BW solution if they want to upgrade BPC. Before BW 7.50, the customer had the choice of upgrading BPC or BW on its own (usually the implementation teams and cycles are not the same) and now that option seems to be gone for good.

    I think it makes sense for those customers implementing BPC Embedded but for those using the Standard Model not so much.

  • Hello John,

    it is for  embedded model.Thanks it is really useful information. How about those who has upgraded the system with BW7.5 but with DB6 or sybase version , in this scenario will the /CPMB objects or standard model would be retrieved as it is or how does the system work for BPC.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the info .

    Since BPC 10.1 license is used for IBPF/BPC optimized for S4 HANA, Can we install BPC standard on S4 HANA along with embedded version ? If yes what steps are required for it .

    Secondly can you give more details on how future enhancements towards standard model will be delivred if a customer had it installed along with embedded version in S4 HANA .



    • Hi Aamer,


      Yes you can install a BPC Standard install alongside BPC S/4HANA (Embedded).


      If you'd like to do this you can simply activate BPC Standard in the BI Content in your Embedded BW (sounds like what you're trying to do).


      When RTC (BPC Consolidations) was not available in S4 or mature enough in BPC Embedded Non-S4 this is what certain clients did to get both Planning and Consolidation.

  • Hi John,


    Could you please help in clarifying one small  doubt, after the upgrade to BPC 10.0 - CPMBPC 801 SPS 16, HANABPC 801 SPS14 and HANADB revision 122.07,there is single role generation for teams asper the SAP Note - 2334198.

    When we made any changes to TP,DAP,Team assignment to user,the existing  DAP,TP Environment generated roles are de assigning  and only Team role is assigning to user asper the note.

    But users unable to get their access to environment,

    They are getting access only when De- assigning and re assigning all the roles.

    Is this the only way for resolution or any suggestions to proceed.

  • I am a BW Administrator in charge of getting our BW system to a level to support live data and SAC. We are currently running BW 7.4 SP16 on Hana, with BPC 10.1 Embedded.

    There seems to be a plethora (of confusing) information about going to BW 7.5 on Hana. Given the information I am supplying, can we easily migrate to BW 7.5 SPxx on Hana with BPC 10.1 Embedding not suffering any changes or side effects? I get the feeling the big change is for those on BPC 10.x Standard, but I could be incorrect in my thinking.


    The project timeline is a real ’humdinger’ as we are in our Sandbox from now until May. Then two weeks on Development and two weeks in System Test, with a go-live the first weekend (following the first full week) in June. So, is it doable?

    • Hi Kurt,

      My suggestion is to start with:

      Also make sure you have a good partner or consultant to help you through the process.