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B+ MQTT Adapter for SAP Process Integration/Orchestration

Techedge B+ MQTT Adapter for SAP PI/PO

Digital Transformation is a cool issue around us. We need solutions that helps us to connect any device with backend systems. For fill this gap, from Techedge we have created an SAP PI/PO Adapter named  B+ MQTT Adapter. This solution help you to accomplish the connection from gateways to SAP or non-SAP systems.

Originally it has been created for SAP PI/PO 7.31 and SAP PI/PO 7.4 (prior version could be implemented as well).

What is MQTT?

MQTT stands for MQ Telemetry Transport. It is a publish/subscribe, extremely simple and lightweight messaging protocol, designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. The design principles are to minimise network bandwidth and device resource requirements whilst also attempting to ensure reliability and some degree of assurance of delivery. These principles also turn out to make the protocol ideal of the emerging “machine-to-machine” (M2M) or “Internet of Things” world of connected devices, and for mobile applications where bandwidth and battery power are at a premium.

(Source: FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions | MQTT)

Technical Specifications of MQTT

Let’s dig a little deeper into the technical aspects of MQTT. First, the protocol runs on top of the TCP/IP networking stack. When clients connect and publish/subscribe, MQTT has different message types that help with the handshaking of that process. The MQTT header is two bytes and first byte is constant. In the first byte, you specify the type of message being sent as well as the QoS level, retain, and DUP flags. The second byte is the remaining length field. There is more information you can glean from the MQTT specification if you are interested.


  • Full integration with SAP PI/PO Adapter Framework, Alert Framework and Monitoring.
  • Message Protocol XML or JSON.
  • Last Will and Testament Parameters
  • Proxy support.
  • Support three types of quality of service.
  • Base64 decode/encode.
  • Asynchronous Exactly Once or Exactly Once in Order.
  • Support Basis authentication.


  Figure: Receiver configuration for MQTT.


   In next weeks we will release the final version of this adapter, put the final documentation under IntegrationTools – BPlus – Techedge B+.

   If you want to collaborate with us, be an early adopter and download the adapter for development and quality environment free of charge, please send me a message.


   In next post about this, we will show you how to use and configure the adapter to connect with gateways.

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    • But in this site only can see promotional text, I don't know how it works .... now I'm writing a document showing how to configure our adapter with mosquitto and SAP.

      And if you want , you can download our MQTT adapter free of charge. 😉



      • Hi Ivan,

        KaTe's trial is for free too as any of their adapters. Of course a company website has promotional text. 😛 why not?



        • Sorry Alex or Sebastian, who are you? 😕 , I didn't know this solution... I don't know if it's free or not. I only show the adapter created for us, peharps in few months SAP release their own version.

          As far the promotional text concern I refer that I haven't could find information about how the adapter works (maybe a screenshot would be good in order to know more in deeper how the adapter works ) ... don't know


          • Hi Ivan,

            All good. Sorry arrg my bad i sat on Alex's computer, didn't realize it's his login. he's a colleague working with me.

            Good to see more people pick up the topic MQTT in relation with SAP.

            About KaTe, yes quite feature similar.

            KaTe has also a version on HCI from the SDK beta program.

            Not sure about SAP, might happen or not. Didn't see much engagement of them so far.

            Keep posting

            Best regards