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SAP Labs Silicon Valley Spotlight 2015

SAP Silicon Valley at a Glance

Scott Leatherman

Located at the epicenter of breakthrough technology, SAP Labs Silicon Valley encapsulates the innovative spirit of the Silicon Valley, Diversity of Northern California and the global ecosystem of SAP, the majority of which is centrally located in our backyard.
Over the next two weeks, we will showcase our stories of innovation–highlighting achievements and successes–told by our passionate employees who make SAP run.
by Scott Leatherman in Scott Leatherman’s Blog | January 29, 2015

SAP Runners Cup 2014 — Running Like Never Before
Anne HardyThe 2014 SAP Runners Cup got employees worldwide onto their feet and into a state of heightened mind, body and sole to clock up the equivalent of 6 laps around the world.

by Anne Hardy in anne.hardy| January 30, 2015

How Creative Confidence Drives Innovation

Sam Yen

If you’re like most people I pose these questions to, your answers to both probably fall somewhere around good, pretty good, or very good. But you might also add that you could stand to do better.

by Sam Yen in SAP Business Trends | January 22, 2015

SAPsv Sharks Day Giveaway

Alexandra BogdanSAP employees were jolted into action on Tuesday, February 24 with a surprise ticket giveaway to win a day with the San Jose Sharks.
by Alexandra Bogdan in SAP Silicon Valley | February 27, 2015

SAP Receives Mayor’s “Green Leader” Business Recognition Award!

Alexandra BogdanOn Monday, February 23, SAP was presented the Mayor’s “Green Leader” Business Recognition Award. SAP was awarded this honor after

receiving an Energy Star Rating for maintaining a sustainable building in Palo Alto and has been recognized as a true green leader in the Silicon Valley.

by Alexandra Bogdan in SAP Silicon Valley | February 27, 2015

A Perspective on the Month of Inclusion
Scott LawleyAs we approach the end of SAP Silicon Valley’s Month of Inclusion activities, I thought I’d reflect on my experiences. For those of you who do not work at SAP, I’m sorry, but you are missing out on some of the awesome benefits SAP offers its employees. If this bothers you, you may want to click the back button.
by Scott Lawley in Inside SAP Labs | February 26, 2015

One Simple Tool to Make Your Work More Meaningful
Amira PolackAdam “Smiley” Poswolsky is the author of Amazon bestseller The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, but before becoming an acclaimed thought leader and coach for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 firms alike Smiley was in the thick of a quarter-life crisis.
by Amira Polack in SAP Business Trends | February 19, 2015

Social Thinking with Michelle Garcia Winner
Nina HunterToday,I joined the external speaker talk “Social Thinking,” with Michelle Garcia Winner. As a well-known therapist for people with social-cognitive challenges, she shared with us the meaning of autism and the success of her social thinking approach.

by Nina Hunter in Nina Hunter’s Blog | February 11, 2015

TED Speaker Pico Lyer on Traveling and Staying Still
Arunima KumarGlobal author Pico Iyer enthralled his audience at SAP Silicon Valley with stories and insights from his travels, from Los Angeles and Atlanta to Tehran and Pyongyang.
by Arunima Kumar in Arunima Kumar’s Blog | February 9, 2015

SAP Startup Focus
Daniel ZimmerThe SAP Startup Focus program is probably one the most consequent initiatives inside SAP for innovation from within, but also in enabling startups to innovate. To put it into simple words: We work with startups and we function like a startup.
by Daniel Zimmer | February 7, 2015

Month of Intern Inclusion

Constantin Eisinger

I started as an intern in October 2014 in Dublin the SAP Labs location of the Silicon Valley. During the past four months I have had the chance to participate in meetings from different teams, multiple tech seminars and also had the chance to meet colleagues from other locations during the SAP Winter Party and trips to SAP in Palo Alto.

by Constantin Eisinger in Inside SAP Labs | February 6, 2015

The Black Employee Network (BEN) – Cultivating Awareness and Inclusion within SAP
Brian ReavesThe mission of BEN is “to foster a Best Run culture that cultivates awareness and inclusion for SAP employees of African descent by prioritizing recruitment, bolstering retention, providing mentorship and empowering upward mobility.”

by Brian Reaves in Brian Reaves’s Blog | February 5, 2015

Run, Ride, and Play with SAP Silicon Valley
Alexandra BogdanSAP Silicon Valley offers countless ways for employees to get involved in their passions by joining local Affinity Groups. It was a victorious 2014 for Affinity Groups.
by Alexandra Bogdan in SAP Silicon Valley | February 5, 2015

SAP Silicon Valley Employee Recognition Program
Alexandra BogdanAs a Founding Partner, SAP has taken the 49ers fan experience to the next level with SAP analytics, mobile and real-time system capabilities, engaging fans like never before.
by Alexandra Bogdan in SAP Silicon Valley | February 5, 2015

Sustainability @ SAP Silicon Valley

Larry MorganTaking the philosophical meaning of sustainability and applying it tactically, we have applied measures to embed projects into our

daily activities.

by Larry Morgan in Sustainability @ SAP Silicon Valley | February 4, 2015

SAP Autism at Work in Palo Alto – A Great First Year
Jose VelascoIn 2013 SAP established an objective to have 1% its workforce represented by employees in the autism spectrum by the year 2020. A global program was set to onboard our first cohort of seven SAP employees with autism in the SV and in the US.
by Jose Velasco in Jose Velasco’s Blog | February 4, 2015

SAP Silicon Valley Government Relations
Kellie Drenner2014 was a great year for SAP SV’s local government relations efforts. We hosted Congressional leaders, heard from local elected officials and local political thought leaders.
by Kellie Drenner in Kellie Drenner’s Blog | February 3, 2015

Women in Business at SAP Silicon Valley
Kellie Drenner2015 is shaping up to be a big year for Women at SAP! It started with a successful networking event led by Chief Learning Officer and P&I Chief Operating Officer and the Business Women’s Network.

by Kellie Drenner in Kellie Drenner’s Blog | February 3, 2015

SAP Silicon Valley’s Partners

Kellie Drenner

As part of SAP’s commitment to the Silicon Valley ecosystem, we work with several partner organizations to help extend SAP’s reach and impact in the region. SAP employees are encouraged to participate in events to help further promote SAP’s influence in the region.

by Kellie Drenner in Kellie Drenner’s Blog | February 3, 2015

SAP Gives Back in the Silicon Valley
Lauren MaserFor many years, SAP has been making donations of time and funding to the Silicon Valley. In 2014, SAP’s CSR investments served over 27,000 youth in the Silicon Valley.
by Lauren Maser in Lauren Maser’s Blog | February 3, 2015

Join us for the ground-breaking launch of HanaHaus in Palo Alto
Hassan KhanSAP’s new café experience, HanaHaus, a community of purpose, envisioned by Hasso Plattner, is a platform where creative individuals gather to socialize, share ideas and connect.
by Hassan Khan in SAP Business Trends | February 2, 2015

German-American Business Association Honors Hasso

Kellie Drenner

Hasso Plattnerwas honored with the German-American Business Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the German-American Business Association’s (GABA) annual gala.

by Kellie Drenner in Kellie Drenner’s Blog | February 3, 2015

SAP Co-Innovation Lab Kickstarter for IoT

David Cruickshank

With hundreds of pages emerging each day on the Internet of Things topic both inside and outside of SAP, I’m at a point where I now need to add a few more from COIL.

by David Cruickshank in SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) | Feb. 2, 2015

TED Speakers Live at SAP Silicon Valley
Arunima KumarA globetrotting cultural thinker, a science wizard, an autism activist, and a power-posing expert – TED stars with millions of views online will speak at SAP Silicon Valley in 2015.
by Arunima Kumar in Arunima Kumar’s Blog | February 2, 2015

Celebrating Diversity at Heart of Silicon Valley

Ying ZengSilicon Valley is known as the innovation center of the world. People coming from all over the world have contributed to the fame of Silicon Valley.

by Ying Zeng in Chinese Culture Club’s Blog | February 2, 2015

D-shop, You Don’t Need to Die to Go to Developer Heaven!
Julien VayssiereGoogle Glass, Oculus Rift, 3D printing, BeagleBone, Arduino, robotics, iBeacons, Raspberry Pi and good coffee, welcome to the d-shop! The d-shop (short for “The Developer’s Workshop”) is a global program that aims to bring hardware technologies closer to all SAP employees.
by Julien Vayssiere in Julien Vayssiere’s Blog | January 31, 2015

SAP Silicon Valley – Month of Inclusion
Scott LeathermanMonth of Inclusion featuring speaker sessions by SAP executives and external thought leaders offers employees opportunities to explore a range of personal and professional development topics.

by Scott Leatherman in Scott Leatherman’s Blog | January 29, 2015

SAP Silicon Valley Leadership Circle
Scott LeathermanWith rapid innovation and a growing employee network, the Leadership Circle was established to ensure better collaboration, faster decision-making and a strong leadership commitment to Run Simple.

by Scott Leatherman in Scott Leatherman’s Blog | January 29, 2015

Run Prouder: SAP to March in San Francisco Pride 2015

Moya WatsonPride@SAP North America, a sub-chapter of SAP’s Global Pride@SAP group, welcomes LGBT employees, friends, and allies in North America.

by Moya Watson in Events | January 25, 2015

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