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Target Audience: SAP HANA Technical Consultants

Thomas Jung has explained about XS Advanced in his blog:

In this blog we are covering the installation part of SAP HANA XS Advanced.

SAP HANA XS Advanced Installation:


SAP HANA 1.0 SPS11+, kindly upgrade your SAP HANA to 1.0 SPS11+ to use benefits of XSA

1. Download XS Advanced Run-time from SMP


Goto -> Support Packages and patches -> Alphabetical list of Products -> H -> SAP HANA Platform Edition -> SAP HANA Platform EDIT. 1.0 -> Entry by Component -> XS Advanced Runtime

2. Exact the downloaded .sar file into your HANA host:

SAPCAR -xvf EXTAPP…..sar

3. Install SAP HANA XS Advanced runtime:

run: ./hdblcm –component_dirs=<XSA_Runtime_Directory name>

Example: ./hdblcm –component_dirs=/data/share/builds/XSA_Runtime/


Select XS


Give <sid>adm password, database user and password, XS advanced runtime master password, organization name, XSA Admin user and password


If everything goes well XS Advanced will be installed in your HANA system. 🙂

4. Post Installation checks:

check that there will three new services running in your HANA server:

hdbxscontroller, hdbxsexecagent, and hdbxsuaaserver


Now your HANA instance is available to execute XSA applications.

To know more about SAP HANA SPS11 new features kindly go through Thomas Jung blog:

Kindly give your valuable suggestions. 🙂

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Ashish,

    When I try the same on SPS11 Rev 110, i get this error. Any advice pl.?

    Enter selected action index [12]: 10

    Configuration error:

      Comma separated list of component directories ‘/downloads/xsaruntime/’ is invalid

        Error occured while scanning software locations

      There are no SAP HANA Platform components that could be installed or updated. Use the command line options ‘component_medium’, ‘component_root’ or ‘component_dirs’ to specify component locations

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Naresh,

      Kindly check the command while runing hdblcm. Use as below:

      ./hdblcm –component_dirs=<xsa_runtime_directory_location>

      Please find the image for your referrence.

      Hope this might resolve your issue. 🙂


      1. Former Member

        Yes its the same command i am running from installed instance which /hana/shared

        What xsa runtime did you download from sap? what is in your xs runtime directory location?

        I downloaded EXTAPPSER00P_17-70001315.SAR file and extracted to directory something like /downloads/xsaruntime/extract then using the command

        ./hdblcm –component_dirs=/download/xsaruntime/extract

        and Its not working.

        The extracted directory contains the following files, does this sound right?





        and in the packages I see manifest file

        Any advice?

        1. Former Member

          I found the issue, the xsa runtime I downloaded for linux power. I am using new support site and its not intutive. There is a drop down on the top one for linux and other for power.

          Thanks for your help though.

  2. Mert Karakilic

    Thank you for this post mate! I have been running in circles today trying to figure out how to install from the command line, eveyrhting points to hdblcm via gui which I dont have, needed the command line hdblcm version. Worked great! Wonderful!

  3. Former Member

    Hi Experts,

    I have installed the XSA in my landscape but the service hdbxsuaaserver is taking long time to start. Can you please help why it is happening??

    1. Former Member

      What are the issues you are getting?

      Are other services are up and running??

      Which version are you in??

      Is this new installation or upgrade from previous versions?

    1. Thomas Jung

      >Do we need to install hana on this server or we can only install XSA on the server separately.

      No only XSA.  HANA DB must always be installed on certified/TDI hardware.  During installation with hdblcm there is the option to install XSA on additional hosts.  Choose this option and specify the hostnames. hdblcm will then install XSA worker role and the XSA runtime on these additional hosts. These additional hosts do not have to be HANA certified/TDI hardware.

  4. Former Member


    Is there any guideline to install XSA on a different host? HANA Installation guide doesn’t give much detail about this specific option.


    Roberto Falk

  5. Kumar Avi

    Hi Ashish,

    XSA installation on a separate host outside HANA, is this possible ??

    Could you share some more information on this.

    Thanks, Avi

  6. Jonathan Ma

    In Hana 2.0, we are forced to use MDC. Is there a way to install XSA on a tenant db you choose? By default, XSA is installed on a tenant db name same as the SID. I haven’t found a way to change this behavior.


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