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All Standard reports under one transaction code SAP1

Reporting is one the important features in SAP. SAP has built lot of standard reports in order to solve the basic benefits of the customers to avoid custom developments.

In reality due to complex business processes we tend to build custom reports for customers but in case of any issues, we tend to compare the standard SAP report with custom build report, to confirm whether the values are populated correctly from the tables or there are any selection issues and list goes on.

In this blog, I would like to share a special transaction provided by SAP to identify the list of Standard Reports available for each module.

Are you aware SAP has provided a transaction SAP1? If no, then below is for your information.

Whenever we login into SAP, SAP Easy Access or User Menu will be displayed. To check the reports first we should know the transaction or navigate the structure in the respective module.

Report 1.JPG

Now Go to Transaction SAP1 in transaction code area and Press Enter


It opens a screen SAP Easy Access – Report Selection


If we drill down Plant Maintenance – Management of Technical Objects


This will list out the transaction based on Technical Objects.

As an additional example, if we want to see PR / PO reports available in MM Structure.

Drilling down Materials Management – Purchasing – Purchase Requisition / Purchase Order


To return back to SAP Easy Access Menu, Click the highlighted below


Similarly, you will be able to get all reporting transactions in one place. This transaction will reduce the dependency towards other module consultant or raising SCN thread to identify reports.

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