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Enhancements to Third-Party Processing

Dear Customer,

Enhancements to third-party delivery and individual procurement are now available:


SAP has provided the possibility to implement a BAdI to customize the confirmed delivery date for third-party goods (example: TAS/TAB).


SAP has provided the ability for a delivery block to prevent the purchase of third-party goods (example: TAS/TAB).


SAP has provided a solution that – in third-party delivery (example: TAS) and individual procurement (example: TAB) scenarios for a sales order – allows the possibility for the update of schedule line data of the sales order item to happen only from a confirmed purchase order item. Previously, the system updated the delivery date of a sales order item with the delivery date in the purchase order (PO), even if the vendor had not confirmed the PO.

For more details, refer to these PowerPoint slides.

Also, see the Customer Influence site:

Best regards,

Diane Hebert, PMP

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  • Hi Diane Hebert,

    Thanks for sharing the document. Really It would be helpful if you clarify the below.

    1. We are using ECC 6 Ehp702- I don't see this in SPRO- Additional settings....

    2.Could you Pls explain this functionality with business scenario.



    • Hi Mr. Hasan,

      Thanks for your interest.

      Answer to question 1:

      Unfortunately, this feature is only available for EhP7 SP03 and above.

      Answer to question 2:

      For the business scenario, refer to pages 8 and 9 of the PowerPoint linked above.

      Best regards,

        • Dear customer,

          On which release of ERP 6.0 are you working with?

          If you are working on a release that is not lower than SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5 then you can create a request in the customer influence page and your request will be evaluated.

          Best regards,


          • Hi Diane,

            Thank you!

            Currently we are on SAP ECC 6.0 EHP5 SP12 and getting upgraded to SAP ECC 6.0 EHP5 SP15. Hope this help, if you can help with a possible solution direction.



          • Hi Diane,

            Thank you for your response.

            I tried following your direction but I get message "Submission of improvement requests is only possible during the Collect phase". Let me know what shall I do to raise this request.

            Basically I am looking for a solution direction to implement enhancement D6801/note number 2223375 in out landscape SAP ECC 6.0 EHP5 SP12.

            Note: we are getting upgraded to SAP ECC 6.0 EHP5 SP15 by end of August.

            If any further clarification / action required from my side, please do let me know.



          • Hi Dipak,

            Diane forwarded me your inquiery. I am the Customer Connection project manager for the new SD Sales and Billing project. Please submit your request on the Customer Influence site simply go to:

            We are currently in the Collect Phase for this project so you can submit new requests and also help prioritize requests by subscribing to them. In September we plan to do the Select Phase- all requests with a minimum of 5 subscriptions will be evaluated than.

            Please find more details about the project and the collaboration mode in this blog post:


            best regards

            Anja Weber SAP- Customer Connection program