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Easy Condition Entry on CRM WebUI

There has been some inquiries on Easy Condition Entry recently in SCN. For examples,

1, Why is Condition Type 1 not filled in Item AB on webui?

2, Why must condition type allow manual entry to be used in Easy Condition Entry?

3, How to do quick entry of a condition type w/o navigating to item details?

4, How to add 6th or 7th condition types in Easy Condition Entry?

This WIKI intends to provide a clear introduction of business scenario and customizing to this functionality on WebUI.

There is always a necessity that we have to input a manual value to a condition type for an item/product in a sales order. What ordinarily comes to our mind is that we need to navigate to item detail by clicking on EIDT button in front of this item in the Item assignment block. But it is also commonly agreed that it is very time-consuming and sometimes exhausting if too many items’ conditions shall be modified. A vivid example is that we have 1000 items in a contract and we have to change PR00 from 10 USD to 12 USD for the item 10 to item 600. I cannot even imagine this is happening to me. Definitely a nightmare!

The Easy Condition Entry will make it much easier for us as it provides a way to change a condition value for a item on header without going to the item details. In item assignment block on header, we can add a field for condition value of PR00 in the item list. We can input a new value manually into this field and PR00 on item level will be changed accordingly and all other condition values and net value on item will be updated as well.

So how to customize it?

1, SPRO -> CRM -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Pricing in the Business Transaction -> Set Up Easy Condition Entry

Fill the pricing procedure and up to 5 condition types in sequence.

Make sure the condition types allow manual entry for item. Otherwise, you will get an error that this condition type does not allow manual entry.

2016-2-11 8-08-21.jpg

2, Log on WebUI, click on personalize button on Item assignment block, you will be able to find the following fields.

Condition Amount 1 – 5

Condition Currency 1 – 5

Condition Price Unit 1 – 5

Condition Type 1 – 5

Condition Unit 1 – 5

Condition Value 1 – 5

There is a mapping between these fields and condition types maintained in point 1. Specifically,

Condition *** 1 <-> Z1

Condition *** 2 <-> Z2

Condition *** 3 <-> Z3

Condition *** 4 <-> Z4

Condition *** 5 <-> Z5

For example, if you enter 12 USD in Condition Value 1 for item 10 in Item assignment block, the Z1’s condition value in Item 10 will be changed to 12 USD and all other conditions and net value will be updated as well.

2016-2-2 7-44-48.jpg

3, Q&A

Q: Why is Condition Type 1 not filled in Item assignment block on WebUI?

A: Please refer to point 1 and customize “Set Up Easy Condition Entry”.

Q: Why condition type must allow manual entry to be used in Easy Condition Entry?

A: This is standard by design. The purpose of Easy Condition Entry is to allow manually change values of a condition type so it must allow manual entry.

Q: How to do quick entry of a condition type w/o going to item details?

A: Follow this WIKI and implement Easy Condition Entry.

Q: How to add 6th or 7th condition types in Easy Condition Entry?

A: This is not possible. Backend customizing in “Set Up Easy Condition Entry” only allows up to 5 condition types.

Hope I have made it clear. Feel free to raise any question in the reply.


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      Author's profile photo Joao Sousa
      Joao Sousa

      Do you know where is this configuration in the integrated S/4 CRM? I can see the fields in the structures, the entities in the BOL, but the SPRO entry for this seems absent.