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Hello All,

This is the 2nd Part of my attempt, to bring to you some of the additions that has happened to the BW world, post the launch for S/4 HANA.

You can find Part 1 Here –> Solution for 0ANALYSIS Issue while trying to access ‘Open in Design Studio’ option of S/4HANA CDS Views

By now, you might be aware that in S/4 HANA we have a very important concept called CDS.

I don’t want to explain the complete history/details of CDS views here, as it’s been explained in detail elsewhere.

In this blog, I would like to introduce an approach by which you can consume CDS Views in BW Bex Query Designer.

The following figure shows the Fiori Launchpad of a S/4 HANA System.


Once you open the Query Browser, you will find the available CDS Views.

Here we are talking exclusively about the View C_DAYSSALESOUTSTANDING.



SAP Says:

All S/4HANA CDS views are automatically exposed as a ODP transient InfoProvider and can be used in the BEx Query Designer to define custom queries.

(Inherited from SAP Standard Document)

Use Cases:

To leverage BEx capabilities and valid for embedded BW setup


All S/4HANA Analytics Open CDS views are automatically exposed as InfoProvider in BEx Query Designer Supports BEx variables

Supports restricted key figures

Supports exceptions and conditions

Supports currency conversion

Supports BW Report-to-Report interface

Supports S/4HANA Analytics privileges

Not supported (Query not based on BW InfoObjects):

BW Hierarchies, node variables

BW analysis authorizations

PS:Please note that the above points were derived for SAP document on SAP S/4HANA Analytics & SAP BW Data Integration.

Now, we will log into a BW Query Designer of the embedded S/4 HANA System and identify the required system.



Provide the Credentials:


Open a New one:



For ease of identification: Search with 2C* as transient Provider starts with that naming convention.


Open the required one, In our case it is Days Sales Outstanding Smart Business App.

Now play around with the Query and design a  custom one,  according to your requirement.


Hope this gives you an idea of how we can expose a CDS View in our Query Designer.



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  1. Sri Govind KR

    Hello Prabhith,

    It was good reading about the one of the possibilities of exposing ABAP CDS views. One question that i have is regarding the statement

    Not supported (Query not based on BW InfoObjects):

    BW Hierarchies, node variables

    BW analysis authorizations

    that you have mentioned. Do you know about any timelines as to when this will supported in Bex queries that are created from the ODP Transient provider?

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  2. Muthuram Shanmugavel

    Hi Prabhith,

    Thanks for document. Great effort.

    I have one question.

    Description for both CDS View and Transient Provider is same.

    But technical name of CDS View Name is C_DAYSSALESOUTSTANDING

    and Transient Provider Name is 2CIFIDAYSSLSOUTSTG.

    How the Transient Provider Technical Name is derived from CDS Tech Name.

    Else we have to find it using description only?



    1. Do Hai Dang Le

      Hi Muthuram, are you still interested in the question?

      The name Transient Provider is 2CIFIDAYSSLSOUTSTG because it has nothing to do with the CDS View C_DAYSSALESOUTSTANDING. It belongs to the CDS View I_DaysSalesOutstanding, whose sqlViewName is IFIDAYSSLSOUTSTG (see the resemblance?).

      I_DaysSalesOutstanding is a CDS View of Type #Composite and its dataCategory is #Cube. This combination of annotations makes it a TransientProvider to be used with BEx Query Designer. The C_DAYSSALESOUTSTANDING View with Type #Consumption, on the other hand, is built on top of I_DaysSalesOutstanding and allows fiori apps to consume data from the cube-like I_DaysSalesOutstanding

  3. Anni Pang

    hi Prabhith,

    Nice sharing. Thank you.

    But I have a doubt here…

    All the S4HANA CDS views are automatically exposed as ODP transient provider and can be used in BEx query as you mentioned. However, the analytic query view C_APOVRD cannot be found in BEx, while its interface view I_APOVRD can be found with technical name 2CIAPOVRD. so how do analytic query views expose in BEx query?



  4. Tejaswini Naik

    Hi Prabhith,

         Useful sharing. Thank you.

         Can you please guide me, from which version of  BEx query designer, supports parameterized CDS view?




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