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BLOB and CLOB Data Types – How Data Preview Looks – Example

I am going to show example –> How data preview looks for BLOB and CLOB data types.

I have created table with columns having BLOB and CLOB data types.


I have inserted the unstructured data to both columns (same data). Then I have checked the data preview of the table.

Text I Inserted (Starts With):   Strong demand ..

Column having CLOB Data Type:   It shows the same value as I inserted. (String Format)

Column Having BLOB Data Type:  It shows the value in Hexadecimal Format – (Hexadecimal Value calculated based on Binary digits)

String – Strong demand, Binary value and Hexadecimal value are listed below as per ASCII standard.


As per this table, Strong demand in Hexadecimal form is –> 5374726F6E672064656D616E64

We will check data preview in HANA table now.

Hexadecimal content is shown for BLOB column and string content is shown for CLOB data types for the same texts.


I hope that you would have got the understanding that How BLOB and CLOB data types storage behaves.

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  • Good effor Muthu to start with. It is simple to read and understand a HANA capability or concept in less than 2 minutes.waiting for more simple articles from you like this.

    A suggestion - you can even rename the topic something like this.

    HANA Concepts Example 1 - CLOB and BLOB how it looks.

    HANA Concepts Example 2 - XXXXX