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How to install and configure ASE cockpit on Linux

Disclaimer: These materials are provided for informational purposes only. This document is based on a scenario where NPL is the SID and sles4sap is the hostname. This is a sandobox and not a customer system so I think these informations can be displayed on the web with no copyright issues.

ASE Cockpit is not installed by default, so start setup.bin from the ASE bundle with sybnpl user in a graphical capable environment (set the DISPLAY variable before and enable sybnpl to use the X server). Choose the current installation directory, that is the value of SYBROOT environment variable.

Select custom installation and flag the entry with the label “Cockpit”. In my case I also choose “Interactive SQL” to update the DBISQL tool


The license selection was a bit difficult to me, I choose different free license types. If the setup does not create the template files used later, retry the installation choosing another license type until you find the files you need. I know this workaround is not safe, I will return on this step if more deterministic solutions will be found.


Check log files in /sybase/NPL/log. When the installation is finished, to configure ASE Cockpit, follow these steps:

Create hostname directory sles4sap under /sybase/NPL/COCKPIT-4/plugins/ and copy the content of /sybase/NPL/COCKPIT-4/templates/com.sybase.ase

Configure the main configuration file agent.plugin.xml in /sybase/NPL/COCKPIT-4/plugins/sles4sap/

In a standalone ASE installation only the ase properties are relevant. Reset all other properties, if present, with value=””. This should be the the final result

<set-property property="ase.heartbeat.timer" value="60" />
<set-property property="ase.heartbeat.update.time" value="2016-02-09 01:15:08 +0100" />
<set-property property="ase.home" value="/sybase/NPL/ASE-16_0" />
<set-property property="ase.interfaces.pathspec" value="/sybase/NPL/interfaces" />
<set-property property="ase.maintain.connection" value="true" />
<set-property property="ase.password" value="" />
<set-property property="ase.port" value="4912" />
<set-property property="ase.server.log" value="/sybase/NPL/ASE-16_0/install/NPL.log" />
<set-property property="" value="NPL" />
<set-property property="ase.start.command" value="/sybase/NPL/ASE-16_0/install/RUN_NPL" />
<set-property property="ase.user" value="sapsa" />

To fill the ase.password property launch this command:


Type the sapsa user password and copy the encrypted password in the ase.password property

The HTTP services must be manually enabled, they are disabled by default:

/sybase/NPL/COCKPIT-4/bin/ -enable EmbeddedWebContainer

Now it is possibile to start the ASE Cockpit



Logon to the Web Console with the user provided.

Thank you for your time,


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise Cockpit

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      Former Member

      Great blog. Very useful. Any idea what needs to be done to manually configure the ASE agent to collect the mnitoring data?