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  1. Armeen Mazda

    From what I have heard he has a “bean counter” mindset – all about the numbers.  The other issue was that Sybase never got tools.  Remember their failed foray into Java tools? PowerJ?  Workspace?  The two most successful tools they had, PowerBuilder and PowerDesigner, were acquired from other companies.

    1. Lars Mosegaard

      Bean Counters are the worst enemy of Freemium.

      If only Sybase had given away PB-Desktop (perhaps with more limitations) when they decided $540 was not worth collecting.  The inadvertent side-effect was to all but eliminate any continued grass-root support.

      There was a time when single user SQL Anywhere was deploy-able for free with your app… That probably went out the window under Mr Bean…

      My 0 cents worth.


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