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     In report show records with non-zero value at report level.


     I have a report which will retrieve records from database using SQL Command. Command have multiple records with Null or Zero value Order Quantity and i will exclude NULL & Zero data records from report. It can be achieved using following process. Just want to share real time experience using this blog.

Following is the report output  which will show the all the records form table.

Exclude Null and Zero data records - Blog 1.jpg

We want to suppress null and zero value records. So, for that we go to Section Expert > Suppress (No Drill-Down) .

Exclude Null and Zero data records - Blog 2.jpg

Use the following formula to supress

Exclude Null and Zero data records - Blog 3.jpg

Save and Preview the report.

Exclude Null and Zero data records - Blog 4.jpg

In this way we can achieve the requirement.

Hope it will helpful for beginners.



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  1. Abhilash Kumar

    Hi mfamim,

    This is an extremely inefficient way to handle this!

    If you’re reporting off of a SQL Query and want to get rid of rows where the Qty is NULL or zero, you should add a where clause to the query (assuming qtys are summed up in the source table)

    This way you help CR in reading limited rows (as opposed to reading ALL rows) thereby improving the report’s performance.



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