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Enhancements to Document Generation – Employee Central in 1602

Dear All,

in continuation to the previous blogs : blog1, blog2 would like to share the exciting news related to enhancements made to Document Generation functionality in release 1602. Here are the exciting featues that we added :


1) Employee Self Services / Manager Self Services (ESS/MSS)

Until release 1602, only Administrators could generate the document for an employee. With release 1602, it shall be possible for employees to generate documents themselves. In addition managers can also generate the documents for their direct employees. There are switches provided at document generation template level whether a template could be considered for ESS/MSS scenario.




Now when an employee logs in, he could generate the documents himself via “Take Action” Menu. Please note ESS/MSS scenarios are only supported with new people profile.




Once employee or employee’s direct manager clicks on “generate document”, a pop-up window for document generation will open. Please note only the document templates marked as ESS or MSS relevant shall be listed here. The document template can be selected and document can be either emailed or downloaded to hard disk as earlier.


capture 4.PNG


2) E-Mail Setting for Document Generation Template

Until release 1602, it was possible that email will be sent to the user in question for whom the document was generated. With release 1602 it shall be possible to also generate email with different job relationship types in CC or in To. In addition email for a distribution list and certain individual stakeholders can also be specified. This was one of the ask on previous blogs and we addressed the same in release 1602. Yes, we do take your feedback seriously.


For creating the email options per document template, administrator would need to goto “Manage document template” in Admin Center and select “Create new  -> E-Mail Settings for Document Generation Template”.




Admin can select the document template and specify different job relationship types for the employee in question to be in either “to” or “cc” of the email. In addition, if a global template is created which could be reused across different countries, same can be specified as well. In case different email behaviour is needed for a particular country for a global template, that shall be possible by specifying the country alongwith the global template as another instance.


Once the email settings are specified, whenever an email for a particular document template will be triggered, email options shall be read from the email settings object and email shall be triggered accordingly.


I am pretty excited about the enhancements provided in 1602, Hoping to hear your feedback as always.


Best Regards,


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  • Hi Priyanka,

    Thanks for sharing wonderful configuration!!!I I have read all the positing which you have made for "Document Generaion".

    Right now 'm configuring "Document Generation" for Experience Letter, but I have three bottle necks.

    1. I could not able to do Direct Mapping. In "Manage Document Generation Mapping" for Token name of firstName/Salutation/lastName/legalEntity/positionTitle/HR- for these if I select Binding Type as "Direct Mapping" and in "Base Object" except Boolean, Date, Decimal,integer, string I could not able to find personal Information or Job information. Kindly suggest!

    2. In expression Field - Exccep Event, Gender, Marital, Native preference, Wflow - I could not able to find other options.

    3. In Document Generation, when I select the user name I could not able to find any user in drop down. Kindly suggest!

    Appreciate your help.



    • Thanks Naresh,

      It seems to me your Employee Central Entities are not set up correctly. Kindly configure EC entities for Personal Information, Job Information, country specific entities as and where needed. Also please dont forget to provide RBP permission.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Priyanka,

        Appreciate your quick response!

        Sure I will check configuration for EC entities and let me you know if I still face the same issue.

        Thank you!



        • Hi Priyanka,

          I have configured EC entities and it displays the content. Thank you!

          But at end when I'm navigating to generating document I could not able to get the "user name" displayed. I have also defined users.

          Enclosed screenshot of it.

          Kindly suggest!


          BNK.Issue 1.PNG

          Issue 1.PNG
  • Hello Priyanka,


    I have one question about document email configuration.


    In your note you mentioned that 'In addition email for a distribution list and certain individual stakeholders can also be specified.'


    I understand job relationship, but didn't get how and where we can maintain distribution list.


    Thanks in advance

    Vijay Patil