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Indirect Valuation of Wage type using UNITS


We want to valuate a wage type named “Holiday Payment – Plant” using the following formula:

(Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance )/30 per day.

Basic pay and Dearness allowances will be maintained in Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay).

Valuation Method:

We can use indirect valuation of wage type using module “UNITS” (Module Variant “B”).

This can be created in the configuration view V_T539J (as given below):


In the above configuration, 100/30 = 3.33 (which is entered as Weight column), since we

want to add Basic & Dearness allowance and this total is to be divided by 30 as per our

required formula.

Wage Type Properties of Wage type “9000” defined in Table: V_T511 as given below

(specify the indirect valuation module “UNITS” with variant “B”) :


Input Wage types in IT0008 (Basic Pay):

8000 – Basic Pay Value:                 16,800 (INR)

8001 – Dearness Allowance Value: 16,884 (INR).


Output Wage type 9000 (Holiday Payment – Plant) is maintained in IT0015. When we enter the

“Number/Unit” as 15 Days, the output will be as follows:



(Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance)/30 = (16,800 + 16,884)/30

                                                              = 33,684/ 30

                         Per Day Rate                = 1122.8

                         For 15 Days                  = 1122.8 x 15 = 16,842.00


This document is not any kind of reproduction and the example mentioned

here is not a real data. The images used are purely to demonstrate the concept

in a better way to the forum users.

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