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Macro – Row “Total” not editable in /SAPAPO/SDP94

This blog explains how to create a macro which will make row “Total” not editable in transaction /SAPAPO/SDP94.

Based on the following true table:

X 1 Edit
0 0 Edit
1 0 No Edit
  • Use function “ACT_LEVEL” inside the “If” condition. If ACT_LEVEL (  ) > 0, this means that the level is not the total level.
  • Then choose the Row that you want to use this functionality and change the attribute.
  • Inside that you will use function ROW_INPUT ( 1 ). If X = 1, the status of the row is set to Ready for Input.

  • Then use ELSEIF Agg_level (Your characteristic)  = 0. This means you will check if you are on the detailed level of a selection. In that case you should be able to edit.
  • The last step is to use the ELSE condition. Put Row as an attribute.
  • Inside that you will use function ROW_INPUT ( 0 ). If X = 0,  the status of the row is set to Read-Only (write-protected).

Note that I also used the function ROW_BG to change the background color of the row. See example below:


You should put this macro in the events “Level change” and “Start” because when you open /SAPAPO/SDP94 and when you change the level the macro will be executed.


And here is the result in /SAPAPO/SDP94 transaction. The gray background color means that you can’t change the row. The green background color means that the row is ready for input:

a) When you open /SAPAPO/SDP94 and load only one product (the caracteristic that I’ve insert on the ELSEIF), you will be able to change the total:


b) If you open /SAPAPO/SDP94 and load more than one product you will not be able to change the total:


c) If you select details (all) you will not be able to change the total again as expected:


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  • Hello Georgia,


    I would like to use a similar macro. However, business requirement is that the editable key figure should be non editable as well for users to update data (manually in planning book) after a particular date.

    I tried to use CELL_INPUT (0) function in a macro, but it doesn't work if I run that macro in background, since due to the 'Total non editable' macro which is in Start & Level Up macro,it is not able to make the Keyfigure non editable.


    Would be great if you could suggest a a way where both logic can work i.e :

    a) Total Row is non editable

    b) Forecast Row is also non editable after a particular day. Eg after 3rd day of the month.



    Swapnesh Dave