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Opportunity hierarchy and reporting

In C4C 1511 we received new functionality – “Opportunity Hierarchy”. This is different than normal related documents view as it helps building full structure of opportunities. Ideal example would be a construction project for which we are trying to sell things in different areas (like product’s areas or for different build phases). Then we would create one top level opportunity to group others, and below it all those for specific deals – like below.


We would also like to report using this hierarchy – like to see pipeline only for top or bottom projects. And here we have a specific data source for that:

“Opportunity BTD Reference”, which contains such characteristics group:


Using it we can see what roles opportunities play in this relation, like below “Child” and “Parent” says about using opportunity hierarchy for linking opportunities.


We can imagine for example that we want to see the pipeline only for sub projects (opportunities which are on bottom level – so to exclude those top ones). Using analytics tools in C4C we can with ease build joined data source for opportunities data and its hierarchy (with our “Opportunity BTD reference” data source). We only need to remember to include only opportunities with role “Parent” in our example:


And based on this source we can build up later nice dashboard with expected and weighed values for our subprojects. With that manager could have a clear view of the pipeline per month taking into account only sub projects – to not have doubled values.


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  • Hi Radek!

    Great blog on hierarchy.Actually I have some questions about it.

    - What is the difference between Opportunity Hierarchy and Related Opportunities?

    - Is there any option for fields autofill while creating a Child Opportunity?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Best regards,

    Nadezhda Rukavishnikova

    • Hi,

      actually Hierarchy gives much better overview, including opportunities in lower levels then just 1 down. but Related works nice with Doc Flow view. So depends what you like.

      You can use workflow rules to field update, but I did not found there any possibility to fill one field in Child using other in Parent (so using this relation anyhow). Maybe extension scenarios for extension field will work for copy.


      • Hi again,

        In our business case we are going to have only two levels of opportunities - Parent and Child. But what really bothers me is how to do reporting.

        For Opportunity Hierarchy the reporting seems pretty functional. But is there same option for related opportunities?

        Best regards,

        Nadezhda Rukavishnikova

  • Hi Radek Stefaniak,

    Thank you for the nice article about new feature.  Could you please let us know if there are any specific settings required/available for opportunity hierarchy in c4c.  I could not find any details about this feature in admin guide.  please help to explore on this.

  • Hi Radek,

    In my scenario, is it possible to display the report in such a way?

    first field - Parent opp

    second field - all sub-opprtunities that related to this parent opp

    third field - expected revenue

    For the user, the most important is to able to see the revenues from all sub-opportunities under the same parent opportunity.



    • Hi,

      I see no problem - you may use data source "Opportunity BTD Reference" and join with opportunity DS with values e.g. "Opportunity Header". We delivered also on Parent opportunity level embedded report that shows total of planned values from all subopportunities. Although you can see it next to each opportunity in Hierarchy tab but you do not have total there.


  • Dear Radek,

    thanks a lot for the information.

    I'm able to see the hierarchy tab but I cant add a parent oppty.

    Do you know what could be the problem?



  • Hi,

    we are able to create a hierarchy between Opportunities. But how to remove / delete a hierarchy? The column Action is empty?


    Thanks and regards,