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How to use excel based data model with data to build a prototype using Splash and Build

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Using Excel data for creating a higher fidelity prototype for a master detail app:

We already have a blog that explain how to set up your WebIDE with destinations for your splash account and create a basic prototype. What I’m going to share here how can we use data in an excel file to use as reference to  create high fidelity prototype so that we can get context based navigation for our users within our prototype itself. It give a better feel to user as we can user live example data and have multiple example without having to actually create hard coded values in the prototype

I have created two videos here could have been only one but my free recording tool gave me only 10 min per video so sorry about that.


Video 1:

Splash and Build with excel data model Part-1 – YouTube

Video 2:

Splash and Build with excel data model Part-2 – YouTube

Here is the link to excel sheet: at jumpshare .com happy learning.

Video embedding is not working so I just copy pasted the link.


Laeeq Siddique.

Splash and Build.PNG
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  • Hi,

    I unable to load excl file which I have created sample data, Please find below error

    Error while importing excel file

    The import did not succeed. 1 problem(s) occurred during the import

    No random text allowed around the data area of the Object or mapping table. Please modify your data sheet.


  • RelationName = ItemSet
    From.SalesOrder To.SalesOrderItem
    80827856 D1
    80827856 D2
    80827856 D3
    80827856 D4
    80827856 D5
    80827856 D6
    80826788 D7
    80826788 D8
    80826788 D9
    80826691 D10
    80826691 D11
    80826692 D12
    80826692 D13
    80826693 D14
    80826693 D15
  • Try to use these tables with no other data on the excel sheet and I don't think it matters but try to start on line one of you excel sheet. If it doesn't help send me message with you email id I will sent the excel file as attachment.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your support. It's working now. it's very nice, cool product and simple to use

    Can you please provide some more videos?

    1. Once Design is completed,  I would like to integrate/import with WEBIDE, ( that means would like to see code structure (xml,JS etc ) in WEBIDE ) am not sure



  • Thanks for the great blog + videos! I followed all the instructions regarding the "syntax" of the Excel Data sheet you mentioned but I get an error in the model of the relationships:

    • Object Table11: You need one column named “ID”.
    • Invalid foreign key. Please check the syntax: [Object name from].[Relation name].[Object name to]

    Even though the table for the releations has the same "syntax" as yours:

    RelationName = Tree1
    From.Ebene1 To.Ebene2
    E1_1 E2_1
    E1_1 E2_2
    E1_1 E2_3
    E1_2 E2_4
    E1_2 E2_5
    E1_2 E2_6
    E1_2 E2_7
    E1_2 E2_8
    E1_2 E2_9
    E1_2 E2_10

    Ebene1 and Ebene2 both are objects

    Any ideas what I might have done different/wrong? I would appreciate some input on this!

    Thanks a lot,


    • Hello Franziska,

      I got similar error messages when I tried to upload data from Excel into Splash build, after somemore research and analysing the other sample files from, I resolved the problem.

      Here is what the steps I followed.

      1. In the excel, create your tables by using the Excel menu Insert->Table

      2. Then, when you select that table, you will get 'Table Tools' on the top tab of your excel, go to that tab and rename your Table Name to Ebene1 for your first data table, similarly rename your other Table Name to Ebene2 in your case. By default, the Table Name for these tables would be Table1 and Table2. Rename them as I have mentioned.

      3. Then, for your Relation table, rename the Table Name to Ebene1.Ebene2

      Rest all is fine. You need not even have the ObjectName syntax, you can remove it.

      Once you have renamed your table names and try to upload, the upload is succesful.

      Hope this helps.

      In case you have already resolved the problem, I hope this might be helpful for new comers 🙂