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Code to get some information out of an application

Hi Experts,

On the project that I`m currently working, we are on the phase of documentation and performance enhancement, and I often find myself needing the list of queries, global variables and the datasources names inside the application, and have not found a way to easily get that list, other than using the designer and clicking one by one, or looking through the BIAPP file to get the desired list.

So I developed a little code that will list that information for you, it has helped me so much that I decided to share, maybe it will do the same for you.

Attached you will find three files(remove the TXT extension), execute the HTML one “getDetailsOfBIAPP” (Can`t believe I`m going to say this, but open it in IE, for some ungodly reason, when using chrome, things get very slow when you paste the BIAPP file text).

Export your application, and open the BIAPP file, copy the text and paste it inside the page.

Now select what you want to see, you will have the following options.


Next page you will get a list of what you selected, if you want any other information, go through the code, it`s quite simple if you look at it, you can fetch whatever you need.

I only tested it using BW queries as source, don`t know if anything changes when using other sources.

If you know of another easy way of getting this information, please share, I`d love to read your comments.



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      Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort
      Ingo Hilgefort

      Hello Leandro,

      another option is to switch on the profiling using the URL code. The data source and details of the data sources are listed in the General information - just mentioning as you mentioned above that you couldn't find a "easy" way to access the information.


      Ingo Hilgefort

      Author's profile photo Leandro Cardoso
      Leandro Cardoso
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Ingo,

      You are right, I can also fetch it from there.

      Thanks for pointing it out.