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BusinessObjects BI Licensing Updates

It’s a new year, and that means licensing updates!

We have simplified our license model to make it easier to understand, while still keeping the core components.

We have even provided a little bonus to customers that own the BI Suite license – you will now benefit automatically from runtime licenses of SAP Data Integrator, SAP IQ, and SAP Power Designer!

No license conversions are needed. Simply go to Service Marketplace and download your new software.

You get:

  • 8 cores of SAP IQ
  • 8 cores of SAP Data Integrator
  • 1 concurrent session of SAP PowerDesiger, Edge edition

These are not full use licenses, so be sure to read the Software Use Rights to understand the restrictions. In short:

  • SAP Data Integrator cannot be clustered
  • SAP IQ runtime is limited to access by and through the SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and SAP Predictive Analytics

Note that there is no new version of the BI Platform required to leverage this. No software upgrades are needed.

Those of you that own a similar sounding license called the ‘BA&T SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite’ will need to execute a license conversion to benefit from these new components.

We are also introducing a simpler version of the BI Suite called the ‘SAP BusinessObjects BI Reporting’ license. This includes Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports and the BI Platform only, and is intended for reporting-focused deployments.

We are removing some little used license from our price list:

  • The ‘Analytics Editions’ that were a special bundle of the BusinessObjects BI Suite + SAP IQ + SAP Data Integrator + SAP PowerDesigner
  • The restricted use ‘SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite for SAP Applications’
  • The component model that allowed customers to purchase any of the individual BusinessObjects client tools

Customers that own any of these retired products are not impacted. You can continue to use these licenses and purchase more licenses from that license model.

Finally, it’s important to remind everyone that our license metrics are unchanged. We continue to offer our BI software with the following metrics:

  • The named user (NU) metric for users that need guaranteed access to the software, or for users that need to use most of the desktop software products.
  • The concurrent session based license (CSBL) for casual users. This applies to the server components and Analysis for Office.
  • The new public document metric for publicly sharing BI documents on the internet.

For more information, please read the licensing FAQ here.

Blair Wheadon


GM of Data Discovery

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    Great news to get access to the SAP Data Integrator as the ETL tool to load the data form almost any source system/database into the Data Warehouse.

    Now there is the ETL available, it is the time to think about how to get the data not just in the data ware house "as it is" but to integrate TRUSTED DATA of the necessary HIGH QUALITY level into the data warehouse.

    From ETL to ETSVEML (Extract, transform, standardize, validate, cleanse, enrich, match, load).

    Think about adding the Quality to Integration. SAP Data Services combines both, together with SAP Information Steward you can also bring the Data Lineage and Impact Analysis to your BI Launchpad so that your BI User can visually see where the data is coming from and how good it is at the source.

    • Hi Niels, I see in SAP's January 2016 Product Use Rights that you can load data from any number of SAP data sources with the Data Integrator runtime in BI Suite. Does this mean that this DI runtime cannot use non-SAP data sources??



      • The intent is that this supports both SAP and non SAP data sources. This will be corrected with the Q2 Software Use Rights update in April.

        Thanks, Blair

  • Hi Blair

    Great news but can you please provide some more clarification on the Power Designer licence. It is not mentioned at all in the FAQ.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Blair,

    Good news on the license updates!

    If I'm reading the FAQ correctly BI Suite customers who want to extend Lumira to more desktop users are required to have full NUL for platform, they cannot consume CSBL at design / publish time?



    • Hi Matt,

      Interesting question...

      Basically you're wondering if a BI Suite NUL is atomic - meaning that the desktop client tool entitlement and the BI Platform login entitlement must be used by the same person.

      I will have to check on that scenario.

      This doesn't answer your question, but here is a scenario I know we do support:

      Megacorp has a 50 CSBL BI Suite system. Susie Snowflake wants to create some visualizations, and isn't aware of the existence of this system. She purchases SAP Lumira from the SAP Store. She receives a named user license to use SAP Lumira and creates some killer storyboards. A colleague notices these and suggests that she shares these to the BI Suite system. She contacts an administrator and is added to the system as a concurrent session user. She can now logon to the BI Suite system whenever there is a concurrent session free and publish her storyboard and updates.

      Hope that helps.


      • Blair,

             Could Suzy start to improve her storyboards once she is made aware of the universes in the 50 CSBL BI suite system once her colleague makes her aware of it or would she have to wait until administrator gets around to adding her?

             I imagine she needs the platform entitlement to even see a universe to connect to right?

        • Hi Mahesh,

          Yes, Susie would need to be setup as a user in the BI Platform system in order for her to access the Universes there.


  • Blair,

    Good write up, makes sense to a point, can get a little confusing when trying to un-muck a compliance issue.

    I have a situation in which I have an old BI Package CPU license mis-defined as NUL in the contract in conjunction with BI Suite CS license, in which both didn't define in the contract or marketplace the purchase or inclusion of the 57/58 or EC/EF licenses in either contract.

    On top of that, understanding your document; what about the component licenses (you specifically mentioned NUL)?

    CS/CSBL for the Components is available, but I can find no mention of  how that applies.

    This client has ALL of the applications (WebI, Crystal, Analysis (OLAP and Ofc), Dashboard, and Explorer as CS, not NUL.  And LMBI doesn't account for this, (probably because they are not defined in the contract)

    SO if I am not mistaken, the new model would be (for this client)

    BI Suite CS (25) 8721 - 12

    And there is no Analytic Professional (EC) or BI Limited User (EF) now, but all NUL,

    So we need to have the a-la-cart BI component NUL (or CS) licenses to create and/or edit the documents?

    Because the license seems to also be key on how the security matrix is setup and since LMBI looks at the system to determine who has edit rights and to what, System Admins could easily take a system out of compliance because a client wished to make it available to all users.

    In that scenario, I would think you would want to have CS apply on the component licensing as well, to handle a fluctuating user base.  (they deemed that 80% of user were power users, 10% Report Authors (business Analysts) (but they wanted power to have self service capabilities), 5% end users, 5% developers) So rights were practically assigned in user classification like it was old school XIr2 Premium CPU models with Custom Access levels that defined everything including application rights.

    I may need an offline discussion to help figure this out.


  • Hi Blair,

    Thanks for another great blog.

    Say we have 400 licenses of BI Suite.  Does that mean we have 400 concurrent licenses of SAP PowerDesigner, Edge edition?

    I assume SAP PowerDesigner, Edge edition is the Data Architect Edge Edition?

    We also have 10 concurrent licenses of SAP PowerDesigner Enterprise Architect.  How will this work with the Data Architect Edge Edition?  When someone just needs to use the Data Architect Edge Edition, how can he just get this licenses and not a SAP PowerDesigner Enterprise Architect from the pool?



    Mel Calucin

    • Hi Mel,

      The BI Suite only includes 1 concurrent license of PowerDesigner Enterprise Architect, regardless of how many NUL/CSBL of BI Suite are licensed.

      Thanks, Blair


  • Hi

    I’m wondering if this license update as it includes SAP Data Integrator will it also cover the use of SAP Information Steward?

    Regards, Torfi


    Hi Blair,

    help me please.

    I got a new job and have some questions.

    We have SAP BO landscape, that including SAP FC, Intercompany, FIM (DS).

    Also we use SAP BI 4.1 CMS for user authentication abovementioned systems(user are mapped). We don't use BI 4.1 products like Webi, CR, Dashboards, etc, except only user authentication.

    As I know previous basis team is always add temporary (emergency) license keys before they are expired.

    Can you tell me, do we need to buy license to BI 4.1 if we only use authentication function FC, Intercompany, FIM?

    Or adding emergency license keys in our situation is normal?





  • HI

    How can we use runtime SAP IQ

    • can we load data from csv file?
    • can we use stored procedures and function?
    • can we use SQL command line?