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Performing YouTube Integration with Cloud for Customer

As an administrator you can create Social Media Channel for YouTube and import the Comments posted on your YouTube video as Tickets in Cloud for Customer and have your support team address the same.

Before you begin

Before you configure YouTube channel in C4C, You need

1. A verified Gmail user registered in Google Developer Console.

2. The promotional Video which needs to be uploaded in YouTube.

Creating a New Project in Google Developer Console

  1. Login to Google Developer Console
  2. Click on Select a Project and Choose “Create Project”  Create Project Screen.jpg
  3. Enter a Project Name and Click “Create“.

Name of Project.jpg

    4. Once the Project is created the Console Page Loads and Dashboard is seen.


  5. Click on Enable and Manage APIs Hyperlink as shown under Use Google APIs.

Enable and Manage APIs.jpg

  6. Navigate to Credentials screen and choose OAuth Consent Screen. Now, Enter Product Name Shown to Users and Save.

API Manager.jpg

    7. Navigate to Credentials Tab and Choose OAuth client ID from New Credentials.

Client ID.jpg     

  8. Select Application Type as Web application and Enter a Name for the Web application and Enter the Authorized redirect URL as (myxxxxxx – Your Tenant) and Click Create.


  9. Upon creating you will have your Client ID and Secret. Copy the same which will be required during channel creation in Cloud for Customer.Client Secret.jpg

10. Go to Overview and Under Google APIs, Enable Google+ API and YouTube Data API by clicking on them and Click Enable API button.

Enable API.jpg

Creating Channel in YouTube and Uploading the Video

  1. Login to YouTube with the same credentials used to Login to Google Developer console.
  2. Go to YouTube settings.


Youtube Settings.jpg

    3. Click on Create a New Channel and Upload the Promotional Video.

  New Channel.jpg

Configure a YouTube  Channel in Cloud for Customer

  1. Log in as an administrator and go to Service and Social Settings.
  2. Click on Social Media Channels and create a “New” channel.
  3. Select channel type as YouTube, provide the Client ID and Secret for the Project you created.
  4. Select the Log Level as required.
  5. Click on “Connect with Channel”, enter the administrator credentials and allow access to the Channel.
  6. Click on “Get Account Details” and the screen will show the Channel you created.
  7. Provide an ID and save.
  8. Go back to the list view of channels, refresh and make sure the new channel you created appears there.
  9. Click and open the channel for editing, and here you can create an import run for the Comments from the YouTube and define the frequency at which you want the messages to be extracted.

Once the Above steps are completed the Comments are extracted into C4C and Support Team will be able to address them via Tickets.

Hope this Blog helps you all getting started with YouTube Integration with Cloud for Customer.

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