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Maybe you have read the Simplification List about lots of tables (like MSEK, MKPF, VBUK, VAPMA …) being eliminated in S/4 HANA 1511 on premise edition. When looking at an actual system, have you been wondering (I sure have, see my previous blog ), why they still seem to be there?

-> You see them in SE11 as transparent tables and you can select data from them with SE16n.

Here’s how you can see what’s behind it:

In SE11, goto Menu -> Extras -> Proxy Object:


Here you can see what’s behind it: A CDS-view!


Like SE11 tells you, you can look at the CDS views with ADT (aka ABAP in Eclipse). Or just use report RUTDDLSSHOW2:


I hope you enjoyed this update, keep exploring! (I sure will!)



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  1. Former Member

    Hi Joachim,

    Thanks for sharing.

    But  I have an issue. I don’t get the option of ‘Proxy Object…’ , when I navigate as you suggested above.

    Any idea ?


    1. Joachim Rees Post author

      Hi B,

      sorry, I have no explanation for that! 🙁

      Maybe somethin to do with missing authorisation?

      (you are on an S/4 HANA 1511 on premise system, right?)



      1. Joachim Rees Post author

        Only thing I could imagine: you’re on a different software version ?!

        I’m on

        S4CORE 100 0002

        now, and think at the time of writin that blog post I was on

        S4CORE 100 0000
  2. Former Member

    Hi Joachim,

    I see in the image that the CDS view is NSDM_E_NKPF as proxy object .What type of view is this public private….also if you have any wiki link which provide guidelines for creating these proxy views it will be really helpful .




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