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Learning how to use Streaming Lite with HANA Smart Data Streaming

Streaming Lite is a light-weight version of the Smart Data Streaming (“SDS”) server designed to run on IoT gateways to process data close to the source. There are several additional steps required in building, testing and deploying Streaming Lite projects and we have put together a set of modular tutorials to help you ramp up on Streaming Lite.

This diagram shows the components involved in building a Streaming Lite project:

Streaming Lite Component Architecture.png

The recommended order to work through the tutorials is:

1) Start with learning how to build a Smart Data Streaming project through the Using the Freezer Monitoring Tutorial for SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming. This tutorial will provide you with a basic working knowledge of HANA Smart Data Streaming development and deployment. The Freezer Monitoring project built in this tutorial will then be extended in the additional tutorials.

2) Once you have completed the Freezer Monitoring tutorial, you can get quick exposure to building and deploying a standalone Streaming Lite project through the Freezer Monitoring Lite Tutorial for Streaming Lite and SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming SP10. This tutorial builds deploys and tests a Freezer Monitoring Lite project. At the end of the tutorial you will have a working Streaming Lite project running on a Raspberry Pi, but it won’t yet be connected back to the core Freezer Monitoring project on the SDS server.

3) Connecting the Freezer Monitoring Lite project to the Freezer Monitoring project is a 2 step process.

First you need to configure the Streaming Web Service (“SWS”). The SWS provides support for both REST and Websocket connections to post events into streaming projects running on SDS. Instructions on configuring and testing the SWS are provided in the Streaming Web Service Configuration and Testing (for SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming SP11) tutorial.

The second step is to add the SWS Output Adapter to your Freezer Monitoring Lite project and configure it to connect to the SWS and stream the output from the Freezer Monitoring Lite project back to the Freezer Monitoring project. These instructions are provided in the Streaming Web Service Output Adapter Tutorial (for Streaming Lite).

4) The final piece to develop is the input adapter to publish data into your Streaming Lite project. For SP10 or SP11, event data is published into Streaming Lite projects using a custom adapter that can be developed using either the C SDK or the Java SDK. We have both a Streaming Lite – Creating a Custom C Adapter for Freezer Monitoring Lite and a Streaming Lite – Creating a Custom Java Adapter for Freezer Monitoring Lite tutorial available.

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