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Getting Started with ABAP Core Data Services

This page offers a collection of information (presentations, blogs, videos, …) about the ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) which provide a data modeling infrastructure for defining and consuming semantically rich data models in the ABAP platform – starting with SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP 7.4 SP05.
ABAP CDS is a core technology within SAP S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment, and the ABAP development for SAP HANA in general.

Latest News : 

18.01.19: Best Practices about ABAP CDS inside SAP S/4HANA
18.01.19: Best Practices about ABAP CDS inside SAP Business Suite
03.01.19: Safeguard Perf. of ABAP CDS Views – Part 3 Rules for Good Performance of CDS Views
20.12.18: Safeguard Perf. of ABAP CDS Views – Part 2 HANA SQL Optimizer and Plan Cache
16.11.18: Safeguard Perf. of ABAP CDS Views – Part 1 CDS View Complexity
01.03.18: Boost performance of ABAP CDS on SAP HANA – Best practices
22.02.18: ABAP CDS on anyDB – Best practices guide
17.01.17: Blog about CDS Test Double Framework for ABAP Unit Testing
16.01.17: Blog about Metadata Extensions (MDE) for domain-specific annotations
14.11.16: Blog about performance considerations when using CDS on Any DB added






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  • Hi Carine,

    the link for “Create your first ABAP CDS view” is pointing to same link used for “New Data Modeling Features”, is it correct?

  • Hi Carine,

    This is amazing!  Thank you for such a thorough and organized collection of knowledge sources.

    Is there an ABAP CDS home page?  If not, this should be the basis for it.  Well done!

    Best regards,