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EP: Issues & Scenarios

The Universal Work List (UWL) a simplistic view on performance.

Definition: The Universal Worklist (UWL) gives users unified and centralized way to access their work and the relevant information in the portal. It collects tasks and notifications from multiple provider systems – SAPBusiness Workflow, Collaboration Task, Alert Framework and Knowledge Management Recent Notifications – in one list for one-stop access.


Performance:  There are many configuration options that affect the performance.

UWL Sizing guide

In the process of creation, the sizing guide determines the hardware requirements.

  • Number of users
  • Total number of items per user
  • Number of connectors

Performance Degradation Factors

  • Sometimes specific connectors (BPMUWL) cannot fulfill the get items request. There is 30 seconds timeout defined for the connectors (configurable)
  • Communication channel between UWL and providers (Network, JCo)

Performance Configuration Recommendations

  • Use Delta Pull mechanism (where applicable)
  • Delta Pull period should be no longer than the time that task is required to be updated in the UWL for all new items from the backend. If the items are created more frequently, the period should be shortened and the opposite. Better results for performance will be with higher values but the items may not be always up to date.The minimal value is 60 seconds and it is default value as well.
  • Cache validity should have a longer period value than the delta pull.If cache validity has expired then a call to backend will be performed regardless of the fact that delta pull has occurred.
  • Page refresh rate, that is accessible from data properties of Personalize Tasks, specifies how often UI will be refreshed with data from the cache. Note that the cache validity period takes precedence.Then the Page refresh rate should have less period value than cache validity. Last comes the Delta Pull period. In short: Cache Validity > Page refresh rate > Delta Pull period.
  • The number of users per channel depends on the number of the tasks and the number of theusers. Default value is 40 users per channel. Increasing this number will decrease the number of the invocation to the backend. Note that the higher the number of users per channel, the higher volume of data per invocation will be transferred.
  • The IView property “Wait duration for UI refresh while waiting for update” can be increased if UI is not responsive. If the value of this property is set to 0 then user interface will be blocked waiting for the call to the backend to complete.  In this case after call is completed and  cache is updated, items are read from cache displayed in the UI. Assigning value to the property allows  the UI to read the last data found in cache and display it immediately, this  way unblocking UI while the call to backend is performed in background. After the time defined in the property passes, presumably cache already updated with the latest items in background, UI is updated again from cache showing the latest items.
  • The number of the custom attributes should be decreased.For every additional attribute an additional call to backend is performed. The setting “Retrieve custom attribute via primary pull” should be switched off.

Commonly Reported Issues

  • CPU spikes – due to high volume of data. Check performance recommendations
  • Long DB processing time – Oracle DB software is not up to date Refresh is excessively used. The connector is not able to fulfill the request
  • Cache is not cleared in applying new XML configuration
  • Configuration issues – the documentation  has to be read carefully
  • RFC destination is not configured according to the note 1133821
  • Task definition and Task visualization change at backend take effects in UWL only after re-registering WebFlow     connector
  • Delta pull for WebFlow connector is working only if the ABAP reports at backend are configured (RSWNUWLSEL or SWN_SELSEN). 3rd party reporting is not supported.
  • Out of memory exception in updating items from the WebFlow – JCo payload (8-10 kB per item) Real Time refresh must be activated in the backend
  • Deployment issues due to incompatible changes in the DB schema (bug fixing)
  • Misunderstanding of the substitution support in UWL On upgrade: SOM connector does not display the items. Wrong connector is displayed to the item.
  • Users deleted at customer systems.

Key UWL Documentation

  • KBA 1577547 UWL Performance Tips and Considerations

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