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Mass Replace Account Owners in C4C

Hello Readers,

In this document, I would like to share with you all, the method of Mass replacing Account Owners. The Objective of writing this document is that although, there are Data Migration Templates and Workbench available in C4C, and there are documents/blogs around Mass Load of Data in this forum, however, these talk about Mass Loads only.

Objective: The objective is to Mass Replace Account Owners in C4C.

For an Example: Multiple Accounts are Owned by a Sales Rep or a C4C User in C4C. these Accounts have to be distributed to several different C4C Users in the system – Please note that this is a little different scenario that Mass Loading or Mass Changing Account Owner from one Owner to another.

Here the Mass re-assignment of Account has to happen to different people not to the one individual (Mass re-assignment of Account Owner from one individual to another can be done using ‘Mass Change Account Data’ tool in C4C, here is the link for it: Mass Change Account Data in Cloud for Customer System).

Problem Statement:

When trying to Mass Replace Account Owners (Party role- ‘Employee Responsible – Sales‘) through Mass Data Maintenance or through Mass Change Account Data tool or using the Data Migration (DM) Workbench, you get an error saying ‘Employee Responsible – Sales’ can only be maintained/entered once.

Root Cause:

1. Party role – ‘Employee Responsible – Sales’ (Account Owner) in an Account in C4C configuration is Unique by default – So there can be only One Account Owner to an Account in C4C.

2. Even if we remove the ‘Unique’ check-box in the configuration for this role, after doing so if we perform Mass Replace of Account Owner using DM Workbench using Customer Master DM Templates, it ADDS one more owner to the Account Team rather than replacing the old owner with the new one, which makes two Owners in an Account – This is NOT what we want to achieve. We want to REPLACE the existing owner with the new one.


This issue can be overcome/requirement accomplished through the following steps:

1. In the C4C Customer Master DM Template, Enter the Account ID(s) of the Account for which the Owner replacement needs to be don in the Mandatory Sheet ‘GENERAL‘:

Account GENENRAL.png

2. Since we want to Mass Replace Account Owner, the corresponding Sheet for this is ‘Direct Responsibility‘. In this sheet, maintain the Account Id of the C4C Account in the ‘Account ID‘ column.

3. Give the Role as ‘Employee Responsible – Sales‘ under the ‘Party Role‘ column.

4. Under ‘Employee ID’ column, give the Employee ID of the OLD Employee (Account Owner). – This is the Employee who needs to be replaced – This would be specified with a Deletion Indicator i the next step.

5. IMPORTANT STEP: Under the column ‘Deletion Indicator’ , put a ‘X‘ which would specify that this record need to be removed.

6. Under ‘Account ID‘ column, populate the same C4C Account ID again in the next row.

7. Populate the Party role column corresponding to this row item again with ’employee – Responsible – Sales’.

8. Under ‘Employee ID’ column, give the Employee ID of the the NEW Owner – this Employee will be replacing the Old Account Owner and will be the New Account Owner.

9. Leave the ‘Deletion Indicator’ row corresponding to this row BLANK since we do not want to delete this but ADD it.

Here is a snippet of the above steps:

Account Owner replace.png

10. Perform the above steps for all the Account which need to a replacement of account Owners – This will prepare your DM Template.

11. After populating all such accounts which need an Owner Replacement, Save your template.

12. Now- The final step of Uploading and Migrating this Template and Data into C4C using the DM Workbench.

13. After Uploading the Template in the DM Workbench in a Non-LIVE tenant (C4C -> BC -> Implementation Projects -> Open Activities -> Integrate and Extend -> Migration of Customers -> Migrate customers using the migration tool)

OR use this URL for a LIVE Tenant (the XXXXXX should be replaced by the Tenant ID of your C4C Tenant)-

14. IMPORTANT STEP: Select your Template and Click on PROPERTIES button and Select from the drop down of Migration Mode the option: ‘Modify already existing records‘ and SAVE.

MODIFY Mode.png

15. Now you can start the Migration Process by clicking on ‘Execute Migration‘ button and select ‘Execute Migration Step by Step‘.

The above steps and approach would not throw any error as mentioned in the beginning of this document in ‘Problem Statement’.

16. Once the Migration process is completed and you get a Success Message, – You should check for the Accounts in C4C which were populated in the DM Template.

17. The OLD Owners should now be gone and you should see them REPLACED by the NEW Owners.

Hope this small document comes handy for anyone facing this issue or has a similar requirement as mentioned in this document.



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      Author's profile photo Chandan Bankar
      Chandan Bankar


      Thanks for sharing your experience ... really useful 🙂



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Thanks for sharing your experience ... really useful 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      this is great blog, very useful.

      Author's profile photo Sandesh K
      Sandesh K

      I do not understand why SAP has to complicate this procedure of updating an Account Owner in C4C. It is a common scenario in companies that sales persons are often replaced by newer ones. Eventually in C4C we will have to transfer the accounts of the former sales guy to the new sales person.

      First thing, in the Mass Data Maintenance Tool it never gives any output in the tab: "Direct Responsibility" for the customer object. Due to this reason I cannot download the template of "Direct Responsibility and then update an account's owner using Import customers link.

      Secondly, in the Data Migration Tool it is a two step process as the author of this blog mentioned that we will have to firstly maintain a deletion entry of the current sales owner and then make another entry to create the new owner. Now comes the dangerous thing that Data migration tool automatically converts the accounts from Prospect to Customer. If you are not keeping an eye on the account's role , you are messing with the data in the system.

      Sadly we will have to live with this.


      Author's profile photo Ankur Godre
      Ankur Godre
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sandesh,

      Points raised by you are genuine.I'd suggest to go a step further and please post this in Ideaplace (forum for posting ideas) in for C4C - I'm sure this will be looked into by the Product Management team and may get picked up as an improvement they can make with the next release!



      Author's profile photo Thierry Crifasi
      Thierry Crifasi

      Have any of you tried the following functionality for Mass Account owner change? It looks like a little known capability where it looks like you can use the concept of realignment run when Territory mgmt is NOT in scope.

      I would like to know if this works for the very current scenario of mass owner change (for new joiners and leavers).

      Author's profile photo Jax Nguyen
      Jax Nguyen

      Hello Ankur,

      Please help me to find C4C Customer Master DM Template. Because the link you gave only help me replace the old owner with the other, not remove it.

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Ankur Godre
      Ankur Godre
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Jax,

      Not sure if my answer will still be helpful as I’m pretty late in responding to your question.

      SAP C4C now has Data Workbench (DW) which should be used for any Data Migration work, please refer to SAP documentation with the link below:


      Please read this document and use the DW going forward.
      In C4C, the WC name is ‘Data Workbench’ – If you do not have access, get your User Id assigned to Data Workbench WC and views under it.


      Hope this helps!