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Interaction of Scorecard with other components in DS 1.6

The Scorecard component has been introduced in Design Studio version 1.6. It indeed has a lot of functionality like microcharts, conditional formatting(on bw) etc as a standalone component. For configuration of scorecard component, refer Karol’s posts

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In real-time scenario, one may need interaction between the scorecard and another component say a chart. It may be required that a chart data will be filtered based on the dimension selected in the scorecard. However, I could not find any direct function to do this. I achieved this through a workaround which I am going to describe below.

I have used Karol’s sample dashboard and data for this demo. I have taken a Scorecard and an Infochart as below

the Scorecard is sourced from DS_1 and Infochart from DS_2. The row scope in the Scorecard is defined up to Product Group

From what I have seen from my experiments is that you can interact with other components only on the basis of the dimension defined in the row scope, in this case Product Group. So I want to filter the Infochart based on the Product Group I select in the Scorecard.

The Scorecard has 2 methods for showing selected items

1) getSelection()

2) getSelectedColumnId()

The getSelectedColumnId() gives the column id of the column on which you click(COLUMN_!, COLUMN_2 etc). Hence it is of not much use in this case. The getSelection() has a return type of ResultSetSelectionByString, which is basically an array.

Hence, first we need to store this array in a variable

var prodgrp = SCORECARD_1.getSelection();

Next, I am calling a for loop(though the purpose of for loop is different, we have no other way in this case) to access the selected values and using the same to set filter on the Infochart(based on DS_2)

prodgrp.forEach(function(value, key) {

  DS_2.setFilter(“PRODUCT_GROUP”, value[0]);


and this work fine

The for loop seems to be the only way to access the selected values within the array returned by getSelection() method. It would have been much simpler if there was a method like getSelectedMember(), however that is absent for Scorecard

Another strange thing I noticed was that this method works in the same way(filtering on the dimension selected in row scope) no matter whether you set the selction type as Single, Multi or even None

You can download this example below – Google Drive

I anyone has found any simpler way to do the same please let me know

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