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2016 Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference Postponed.

Fellow PowerBuilder Community members,

The North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group (NCPBUG) in conjunction with our conference sponsor, Appeon Corporation has decided to postpone our previously announced conference scheduled to take place in May.  We would like to be in a position to discuss detailed roadmaps and timelines for PowerBuilder, as well as many other questions customers have regarding the transfer of PowerBuilder to Appeon.  We would not be in a position to do this until SAP has first concluded its transfer of PowerBuilder to Appeon.  So for this reason we will reschedule the conference to later time in this year, and we will announce the new date as soon as possible.  Please stay tuned.

Kindest Regards,

Matt Balent

Conference Chair

North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group

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      Former Member

        Sad news Matt ... not about the conference though, that is understandable - but the lack of a real SAP contract at this point! A real set-back to the PB Community and the PB eco-system! Does SAP really understand (or care) about the real jeopardy this is putting the PB product in because of their delay tactics?      😥

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      Former Member

      I can not believe.

      After almost a year after the announcement of the partnership with Appeon we are still waiting for negotiations between the parties? What a disappointment mr. Appeon.

      Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Time passes, the environment is old and the whole shebang is on the high seas.

      Now even the User Group .........

      Powerbuilder poor: "It was better when it was worse."


      The last bastion in Italy

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      Former Member

      Really sad...

      But it was obvious that things were going real slow... Otherwise, I'm 100% sure, the webcasts about PB Future would be more detailed... Right now no screenshots and no proof of a future release existence...


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      Former Member

      Things take longer than expected ...

      Sound familiar to me! Especially with SAP projects 😉

      The problem with PowerBuilder developers is:

      They are not used to it - because off PowerBuilder!! 😀

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      David Peace

      Unfortunately it is no surprise to me! 😐 😯

      When SAP took over from Sybase it took me over a year to renegotiate a contract to allow me to sell PB as a distributor, baring in mind that I already had a contract with Sybase to sell PB. SAP is a huge lumbering machine that has great inertia, it cannot change direction or move very fast. You  have to just roll along with it and hope that it does not crush you by mistake under it huge bulbous weight! 😏

      So in conclusion.... how long will it take to negotiate a contract that requires input form both sides. I'm sure that Appeon are doing their best and are pretty frustrated by the pace of things. After all they like us are used to doing things now! We make a decision then action it, not sit debating the pros and cons of every minor detail and then procrastinate some more just to be sure we have drained every last drop of blood and life out of whatever we are trying to do. 😈

      Here's a thought.....

      We all know that SAP cannot EOL PB because of its major customers being so heavily invested in PB. What if their strategy is to drag out negotiations to such an extent that there is no life left in PB, then Appeon will bail on the deal and SAP can go "oh well we tried but Appeon have pulled out. We have no choice now but to CAN it.

      As I have already said, 2016 is the most important year for PB in its history. We are sitting on a knife edge looking over the precipice to the black depths of despair below. Just hoping that Appeon will pull us back, but what if SAP are just pushing them over with the rest of us? 😯

      Well that has depressed me for the weekend. Thanks Guys.

      David (the optimist) 😆