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How to install SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform in a Clustered Environment (the short version)



In a nutshell, there are five components in SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform (LS4BIP):


1) Lumira Server

2) Scheduling Services

3) Restful Web Services

4) Web Application.

5) Mobile Web Applications (SAP Lumira 1.29 and later)


The prerequisites for these components are as follows:


#1 requires “Platform Processing Service” (APS) in BI Platform

#2 requires “Platform Scheduling Service” (AJS) in BI Platform

#3 requires “Restful Web Services” (WACS) in BI Platform

#4 requires the BI Platform web-tier (Tomcat and BOE.war)

#5 requires “Web Applications” and “Mobile Web Applications” on all web-tier servers



The warning


LS4BIP contains an in-memory calculation engine called “Velocity” and we highly recommend that LS4BIP is installed on a dedicated server with at least 16GB of memory.



The Steps


1) On a new computer, install the same version of BI Platform (BI 4.1 SP5) as is installed in your already existing environment.


2) Choose Custom/Expand option to cluster this server with the other servers.


3) Choose “Platform Processing Service”, “Platform Scheduling Service” and “Restful Web Service”.  After the installation completes, you should have three new BI Platform servers in the landscape:  APS, AJS and WACS.


4) Install LS4BIP on the new server; in the install options choose “Lumira Server”. “Scheduling Service” and “Restful Web Services”.


5) After LS4BIP install completes, you’ll have a new “Lumira Server” in your BI Platform landscape. All the Lumira document processing will be handled by this server machine, and it won’t impact the performance on the existing machines.


6) Install LS4BIP “Web Applications” on your web-tier servers. This is to add the Lumira document viewer and other front-end components to the existing BOE.war. If you have two or more web-tier servers, you will need to run LS4BIP install on all of them and choose “Web Applications” only. Doing this results in the installer re-deploying the BOE.war file.


7) After all the installation are completed, please restart the entire BI Platform  to make sure the CMS repositories are updated. This is a required step for LS4BIP installation.


For more detailed information see the SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform Installation and Administration Guide





Business Objects Enterprise Edge standard or pro license keys do not support clustered environments.


Also see


Installing SAP Lumira 1.31 in Distributed Windows Environment

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  • Thanks for that blog post! Currently I´m planning the following landscape:

    - 1 server for BIP (full installation)

    - 1 dedicated sever for the Lumira Server (LS4BIP)

    Is it required to install the BI Platform components and tomcat to the dedicated server? Or is ist possible to install only the LS4BIP an connect to the existing CMS?



      • Thanks for your reply. Just for my understanding, I can install all components except the WebTier to the second new server (without any CMS on it) and install the WebTier component on the first BIP server with the tomcat running?

        Which step must be done at first?

        • does not matter which sequence you follow. When you try to install Lumira server on LSBIP, install will ask for CMS server name and credentials for Admin account.

          • Hi,

            does it really not depends whitch sequence? I just installed everything in the following sequence and the Lumira installer doesn´t add the Report samples for example.

            1.) BIP full install on server 1

            2.) Custom/Expand install on Server 2 (APS, AJS, WACS)

            3. ) LS4BIP on server 2 (APS, AJS, WACS)

            4.) LS4BIP WebTier on server 1

            This adds the Lumira Server and the new APS, AJS, WACS to the existing CMS. But afterwards there are no samples for example.

            Are there any failures on my side?

            Kind regards


          • Hi Andre,

            In the 2nd step you might have selected "Samples" while installing BO  on Lumira dedicated server2.

            Because I have done same, I could see samples.



  • Install LS4BIP "Web Applications" on your web-tier servers. This is to add the Lumira document viewer and other front-end components to the existing BOE.war. If you have two or more web-tier servers, you will need to run LS4BIP install on all of them and choose "Web Applications" only. Doing this results in the installer re-deploying the BOE.war file.

    Question: Can we run LS4BIP on Web tier Servers, individually?

    I mean if we have 2 Webtiers, run LS4BIP on first node and restart this and then run LS4 BIP on Second Node  and restart


    Run LS4BIP on Node1 and run LS4BIP on Node2 and restart both server at same time?

    Please advice?

  • Hi All ,

    Currently we are on BI 41.SP4 Patch 2 with a 2-Node Clustered environment with CMS running on  both the Nodes . Below are the questions /Clarifications  I need after going through the recommendations on the Blog

    1)Do I need to a dedicated server - for LS4BIP ?

    2) This means we install BI Platform(BI4.1SP4 Patch 2 ), choose the Custom/Expand  to the cluster  of  other 2Nodes ? -

    3)Then we need to Install LS4 BIP

    Kindly confirm my understanding is correct & advise

    • Hi Don,

      1)Do I need to a dedicated server - for LS4BIP ?

      A: It is recommended to install LS4BIP on a dedicated server, especially for production environment.

      2) This means we install BI Platform(BI4.1SP4 Patch 2 ), choose the Custom/Expand  to the cluster  of  other 2Nodes ?

      A: Correct.

      3)Then we need to Install LS4BIP

      A: Yes.



      • Hi Alan,

        today I have tried to install the LS4BIP in a cluster too. My first server runs an complete installation of BIP 4.2 and is running fine.

        Now I try to create a second node of BIP 4.2 with the components

        - "Platform Processing Service"

        - "Platform Scheduling Service"

        - "Restful Web Service"

        and it fails with:

        Errors/Warnings found during the installation are as follows

        ERROR: An unexpected internal error occurred. AddNode - No suitable enterprise nodes could be found (FWM 23066)

        Refer SCN link and SAP Notes for DFO related Errors

        Contact system administrator for other errors

        All APS servers are stopped in the first system, regarding the CMS APS. Ports are open too. Any ideas?

        Kind regards


        • Hello Andre,

          Could you please submit a ticket to SAP Support so we can investigate this issue in detail? The component is BI-BIP-INS.

          Thank you,


          • Hi,

            looks like there was an mistake in the node name...

            The new problem is now that the desktop client could not logon to the BIP. Looks like that the Service "TeamServer PJS Service (Transport/OCA2)" in the Lumira APS is not working. Coud this make problems?



  • Hi Don,

    As of now most of the people went to Lumira with 4.1 SP5 version or later where SP4 is not recommended by SAP. So better plan after upgrading SP5 then get Lumira.

    There are known issues with SP4 like SSO not working, Lumira desktop issues etc.



    • Pulender ,

      That's a good input , can you provide me Limitations for Lumira  with BI SP4 ?

      Or any SAP link showing the same

      Have installed it or Tried in your organization ?



  • While I was trying to implement the Lumira Governance Properties, SAP has told that Governance(Lumira Desktop SSO) can support only after SP5. Also Book mark functionality is only working after SP5.

    You can try in Sandbox server(POC server), later proceed.

  • Hi,

    In a clustered environment (Server 1 - BOE ; Server 2 - BOE  and Server 3 - Tomcat ), Do we need to install the below components in both Server 1 and Server 2 (APS, WACS, CMS, AJS present in both) ?

    1) Lumira Server

    2) Scheduling Services

    3) Restful Web Services



    • If you do not have dedicated server for Lumira, you can install above 3 components on BOE servers. Web Applications of Lumira on Tomcat. Performance wise you may need double check that you have enough RAM on your BOE servers. Do it in Sandbox and test.

      In our case.. we have BOE1+BOE2(BI+Tomcat) have installed Lumira web applications & Lumira server on Dedicated server(Min. of 16GB RAM) with above 3 components+BIP.

  • Dear Experts,

    Our environment is like this:

    Node1: BOPI is at 4.2 SP3 Patch1, Tomcat + CMS

    Node2: LSBOPI, BOPI is at 4.2 SP3 Patch1, Lumira Add-on is at 1.31

    When we tried to connect BOBI using Lumira desktop, we sometimes are not able to login, It simply stays there without any error message and when we click multiple times, It gets connect to BOBI.

    In bottom line we are facing issues with multiple logon failures with Lumira desktop, BOBI integration

    Could you please provide any work around for this to ensure we connect BOBI through Lumira desktop with one time login submission?


  • Hi,

    We have installed the Lumira on dedicated server as mention above. But when we try to open a published Lumira story on BI lauch pad( which work find on lumira desktop with SAP BW and unverse connectio to SQL2012) its gives a error :

    ERROR:[XTAB_CLlENT_ERROR_0000001][internel server error].

    Anyone seen this issue. I could not find any document on SAP Support for same.



      Often this is related to too much data being brought in. With BW you may want to consoler trying bex safety belt:

      2334805 - How to override the BW Safety Belt using Lumira

      For more questions etc., please post here:


      - Ludek
      Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
      SAP is now offering chat support for specific product components. For more details please see the KBA 2213344 - How to start a chat with SAP Support[video]
      Follow me on Twitter:
      Got Enhancement ideas? Use the SAP Idea Place:

      • HI Ludek,


        This was a product bug with Lumira on Suse linux for special characters in data source, this has been corrected by SAP in lumira 1.31 sp6.

        But thanks for your post. It was really helpul



        Nitin Gupta

  • Curious why the RESTful Web Services / Web Application Container isn't on the web tier in the initial example?


    We have 3 tiers, clustered... that follows the pattern books:

    1. Management (CMS)
    2. Processing (APS/AJS/WIPS)
    3. Web (Tomcat/WACS)

    In our scenario, would RESTful web services need to be installed on both Processing & Web tiers?