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The following functional and usability enhancements for engineering records are included in this innovation,

  • Enhanced Task Rejection
  • E-Mails for Process Routes
  • Introduction of Change Documents

Enhanced Task Rejection for Engineering Records

This feature enables you to specify the customer-specific handling of tasks related to engineering records when decisions are made for these tasks.

For rejection decisions in Engineering Record, SAP delivers a default class which causes the system to cancel parallel tasks, skip sequential tasks, and, depending on other Customizing settings, switch the status, or load a new process route template. As you see the screen below.


Find the feature detail introduction document here

Find the technical How-To-Guide here

Find the demo video here

E-Mails for Process Routes in Engineering Records

This feature enables you to do the following:

  • Manually send e-mails for tasks at any time by selecting a task and choosing Actions -> Send E-Mail on the process route tab in your engineering record.
  • Set up your system to automatically send e-mails when the processing status of a task related to your engineering record changes.

These e-mails contain the task details, as well as a direct link to the task. You can use the e-mail templates provided by SAP or create your own. As you see the screen below.


When the task status is changed, the e-mail based on the template is sent. The recipients of the mails are defined based on the people involved in the process route task. The recipients, subject, and further attributes of the e-mail can be changed, if required.

Find the feature detail introduction document here

Introduction of Change Documents for Engineering Records

This feature enables you to view and analyze changes, that is, insertions, deletions, or updates, that have been made to an engineering record by choosing Additional Functions –> Display Change Documents.

Change documents are available for changes made to the following change document objects:

  • Engineering Record Header
  • Change Items
  • Document-Object link
  • Classification

The changes are displayed in a table, and you can quickly and easily see, for example, the user who made a change or the type of change as you can see in the screen below.


Find the feature detail introduction document here

Find this innovation here on the Innovation discovery

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Robert,
    can you provide me some more information about the topic Task Rejection for Engineering Records? I understood how to define the decisions. But how can I define the corresponding activity? Which standard task do I have to use in the activity? I used the following tree in SPRO > … Product Livecycle Management > Case Management > Define Activities for Process Routes.
    My problem is, that I get a Workflow Item, but I can’t see the decision in the Engineering Record.

    Thanks in advance,


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