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Leveraging Social Media with Michael Brito

Michael Brito, Head of Social Strategy at W2O Group kicked off our University Speakers Series at SAPsv with Chief Learning Officer, Jenny Dearborn accompanying him. Over 100 SAPsv employees eagerly awaited Michael’s best practices for using social media and the best social media platforms to promote SAP on.


Michael spoke about how to effectively leverage social media to market yourself both professionally and personally. Currently, I have been using social media personally to connect with my friends and family, but have hesitated using social media professionally because I do not know how to effectively use social media to promote the corporate brand.

During the session, Michael talked about the critical role employee’s play in the development and amplification of a corporate brand. He also spoke about the responsibility companies must have in activating their employees to become brand storytellers.


It was an entertaining session with Michael as he spoke about how not to use social media, highlighting the negative implications caused by negligent actions online (see: Justine Sacco and Adam Smith).  This is especially important as it may lead to legal consequences or even tarnish your own reputation.


As an employee, we can become an active members online by driving content creation on LinkedIn, blogging externally or contributing to internal employee networks.  We can also share branded messages and content created by the company, like re-tweeting posts or republishing corporate content on Linkedln.


This session was insightful, entertaining and invaluable. Those who came early to the session received a copy of Michael’s latest book Your Brand – The Next Media Company. This book received good reviews on Amazon and I am sure I will be able to reap more benefits by reading his book and learn more on strategic insights, operational frameworks, and insights and practical approaches for transforming SAP brand into a highly successful media company.

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