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SAP Integrated Business Planning: SAP3 Model Network Visualization Chart

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  • Hello Alexis,


    Great write-up and thanks for those rich visuals 🙂 Picture speaks more than words.

    Have a small doubt on this Network diagram. We have a Priority A requirement for our Client to graphically depict their supply chain.

    I have followed the guidelines meticulously and re-used the UNIPA05 (IBP11 planning area) data to create some basic network, but i'm getting "unexpected error has occured" issue. PFA those snapshots.

    Please let me know, if im using a wrong key figure or is there anything missing

  • Hello again Alexis,

    I have some more doubts on the Network Charts Functionalities. Can you please shed some light on the below 3 points

    1) Can we explode the Network diagram ? Like a Drill down effect. Click on one node of the network which opens up another network diagram ?

    2) Can users go to the Tabular format of the Network diagram, and change the values directly in the table for a particular entry, save it, & refresh the dashboard to see the updated network diagram.

    3) Can we put some alerts on the Network diagram or Can we configure the Heat-map network diagram, and some how manually maintain the values of legend, to finally use those colors as an Alert? For example: Lets say a Network diagram have 3 plants, and one plant has very less capacity, so even for the less key-figure value, system should depict it in a different color? (or can this be achieved by the Alerts app with some visualization in it)

    I would be very grateful for every suggestion & comment 🙂