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The AS Java and AS ABAP SLD Registration (in Solman 7.2 Environment )


AS ABAP SLD registration process:


You should perform ABAP SLD registration by executing transaction RZ70.






in case you have problem with SLD_UC registration  (DETAIL: TP SLD_UC not registered!!!!) please consult this link (read comment from vijendar reddy  )!!



AS Java SLD registration process:



The properly configure this service, the following must be done.

Use the Destinations Service to:

1. Set up the registration by creating a destination called “SLD_DataSupplier” of type HTTP. Enter the following configuration settings. (Note: The specified user must have the user role “SAP_SLD_DATA_SUPPLIER” or higher on the target SLD Server.)

  • Appropriate URL (http://<host>:<port>)
  • Authentication should be set to BASIC
  • Appropriate User Name and Password

2. Set up the AS Java access to the SLD by creating a destination called “SLD_Client” of type HTTP.

Enter the same configuration settings as in the SLD_DataSupplier destination.

(Note: The specified user must have user role “SAP_SLD_GUEST” or higher. Aditional write access permissions may be required by certain applications. Refer to the corresponding application documentation for SLD access requirements.)













Now you can start registration of yours AS Java in the SLD by executing following action:




pls execute red box button





At the end go to yours SLD and check is there the AS JAVA and  ABAP present/registered or not !!


Happy registering!  🙂



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