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Make SUM 1.0 SP 14 / 15 work for you

In this blog I would like to share our experience with SUM 1.0 SP 14 / 15, that are working significantly differently, and in many ways more sophisticated, than previous releases up to SP 13.

In fact, Boris Rubarth‘s continuousness blogs about SAP Software Logistics, and especially SL Toolset 1.0 SPS 14: improved Software Logistics Tools and SUM 1.0 SP 14 gets a buddy called SP 15 have helped us tremendously.

To start with, SUM 1.0 SP 14 / 15 is invoked differently from the previous releases up to SP 13. You still have to be logged on as an administrator, preferably SIDadm, but the command has changed to

.\startup confighostagent SID:


In return, you will be presented with the URLs you have to use to log into the tool, specifically:

  • SUM Java: https://hostname:1129/lmsl/sumjava/SID/index.html
  • SUM ABAP: https://hostname:1129/lmsl/sumabap/SID/doc/sluigui
  • SUM Dual stack: https://hostname:1129/lmsl/sumjava/SID/dual.html
  • SUM benchmark tool: https://hostname:1129/lmsl/migtool/SID/doc/sluigui

However, it does not tell you, that these URLs are different if you are not on HTTPS:

  • SUM Java: http://hostname:1128/lmsl/sumjava/SID/index.html
  • SUM ABAP: http://hostname:1128/lmsl/sumabap/SID/doc/sluigui
  • SUM Dual stack: http://hostname:1128/lmsl/sumjava/SID/dual.html
  • SUM benchmark tool: http://hostname:1128/lmsl/migtool/SID/doc/sluigui


Doing so, you will be presented with a nice, fresh and crisp SUM HTML5 user interface:

Process Execution.png

The new UI gives you access to the so far more hidden upgrade steps:


As well as to the logs:


Further more, it allows to set breakpoints prior to any execution step! How cool is that?!


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  • Hi Frank,


    thank you very much for this blog. It is definitely helpful to promote the new user interface, and also to emphasize the URLs to be used.



    although the URL for dual stack systems is shown as a result of the command "startup confighostagent", the use of the new UI is not yet supported for dual-stack systems.



    For database migration option (DMO) of SUM - a use case that used the new browser based approach already for a while - the URL was slightly changed over time, so I take this opportunity to advertize the URL for DMO here:


    The new URL is no longer mentioned in the DMO guide, but in the SUM guide.



    Kind regards, Boris

  • i don't know about the previous version, but on SP16, it must be confighostagent jvm6 (not SID) in order to perform upgrade with NW <7.5, in my case solman 7.1 SR1 to SPS14. Otherwise it will show a error which suggest that you to use confighostagent jvm6.

  • Dear Frank ,


    Can you tell me :-


    1 ) From which URL of SAP I will be able to download SUM 1.0 SP14


    2 ) I have installed and I am getting " SUM SL Common UI " error when I am starting SUM 1.0 SP16.


    Please kindly help me to resolve any one of the above issue.




    • Dear Kushal,


      1) SUM SP14 is not available for download anymore.

      2) Could you provide steps that have been done to start SUM SP16 ?. Anyway, i think you should open a new SCN topic or create a SAP incident.

  • Dear Tuan / Frank ,


    I have already raised the SAP incident ticket. There also no is replying and I am NOT getting any update as well.


    logged in as <sid>adm and going to SUM folder where " START " script is present. Next I am giving the command => ./START AND Then when I am opening the browser as :

    http://<host>:4239 then I am getting the ERROR in the browser " SL Common UI"

    • Try the followings:

      - Call script by root user. It stated in the guide that you have to call the script by root

      - Delete SUM folder and extract again in /usr/sap/<SID>/SUM/

  • In this company ( root ) user is NOT given to any application users.


    So is there any way we can execute the following command :


    cd /usr/sap/PT1/SUM


    ./START confighostagent PT1




  • If the topic of Authentication. Then if I am using <sid>adm but this user <sid>adm will have the same access as " root " then will the help of that <sid>adm can execute the following command :


    ./START confighostagent PT1

    Please let me know. Here in this company the root user are not given to anyone.