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A “Drop” in the OCEAN

1. Condensation

How’s your experience been till now? Sometimes it is a direct questions and at other times non- verbal, you can make out that people have started taking note of you and have already formed some opinions/visual marks.

Well why this question, the reason is that every moment for us is an experience (good/bad/ugly) but we do experience it and can never disassociate ourselves.

How does it relate to SAP GPTW – Great Place To Work? The direct relation of GREAT with self and vice versa is not just mere accident, it is an orchestration of many things at times all entities working in tandem. If someone has seen 300 (well not a visually pleasing example) but the approach, the formation kept them alive and gave strength to each other to become stronger each time.

The greatness cannot be expressed through words, it has to be felt and that’s why I share my thoughts with you, how in a short span of time I have started associating myself with the vast OCEN called SAP. I am just a drop in that and all of us who are part of it keep that ocean live (along with the ecosystem).

2. The fall – long journey towards the OCEAN

The real experience:

You have been given all the time and material to manage things (under umbrella of certain key policies of course) to put up your show, which I feel is enough to start a journey. Right from the communication regarding your joining details to the welcome note from the management and the reminders to attend the mandatory trainings, acts as a hand holding in the unknown.

Once you are there and need to see beyond the horizon, for your rescue comes your buddy and soon you realize that all seem to be you buddies as they also seem eager to see ME get ready for this SAP journey.

You start your journey and come to know that apart from work, there are many other opportunities which provide you a platform to showcase and share your thoughts. The best part is you are free to choose the one which maps your interest.

Some of them I could relate to are

  • Share a project idea on – BLU
  • LOB activities
  • Blog Writing
  • Idea Competitions
  • Participation in internal summits
  • Still getting to know other things as they come in

My Team:

“You are what your team is” and that’s true, as a human, even a non-verbal action spreads like a viral. Thus the energy and enthusiasm I see within the team and the spirit to give it a try has impacted me as well.

At times I feel, why do we have just 24 hours a day, do we really need to sleep (some of you may recall these statements as shared during our conversations) but can’t overcome these physiological challenges and I thrive to give my maximum within the constraints of time.

3. The Connect

Why are you sharing all this?

Well I got an opportunity to do so and I am utilizing it for benefit for all. It does not mean that the journey has been or would be great always (which would be unrealistic), but driving self and team to achieve/maintain that feeling of greatness is the challenge to overcome at any given point of time. I know without the support of people around me I am just a “DROP”. To be an OCEAN I have to leave the drop behind and just be an OCEAN.

Thanks SAP for the opportunity to be an OCEAN.

Vikas Swarankar (I319893)

User Experience Design Expert

SAP Labs, Gurgaon, India

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