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Author's profile photo Evan Stoddard

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS03 is available in SAP CAL!

Hello, this is Evan Stoddard, one of the product managers for SAP Solution Manager.


SAP Solution Manager Product Management is pleased to announce that SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS03 is available to SAP customers and partners via the Cloud Appliance Library (CAL), available via the link

This education-focused appliance includes both SAP Solution Manager 7.2 ABAP and JAVA systems as well as a MS Windows desktop to allow easy system access via a standard SAP frontend. This appliance runs on Linux/SAP HANA, with both AWS and Azure available as infrastructure providers.

The purpose of this appliance is to allow SAP’s customers and partners to test and evaluate the content activation process that moves SAP Solution Manager 7.1 solution documentation into the new 7.2 solution documentation UI after an upgrade. As described in the presentation and training simulation in the link below, you can save 7.1 solution documentation and landscape information to transport files, and then add them to the 7.2 system in SAP CAL via the WinSCP tool. You can then proceed with the one-time content activation procedure to evaluate how your documentation will appear in the new 7.2 system. Best of all, through the cloud infrastructure you can restore the system to a previous state easily and repeat the activation process as many times as you wish. With the application of Support Package 3 to the 7.2 system, the entire Content Activation process has been greatly simplified and improved.

In addition, Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA have been imported to the system as well as a sample SAP S/4HANA Simple Finance project plan. You can review the project plan from the Project Management tile of the Solution Manager Launchpad, linked in the user menu of the sample ‘solman’ user. You can also review the Best Practice content in the new solution documentation UI via the Solution Documentation tile in the Launchpad as well.

Note that if your company policies prevent the transfer of confidential, productive solution documentation to a cloud environment for content activation testing, you can create a test project based on SAP Solution Manager 7.1 standard content provided by the Business Process Repository, and use this project to experience the activation process.

On this appliance, some basic settings and setup of Process Management has been performed to allow the quickest path for evaluation of the content activation process. As part of this configuration, the sample ‘solman’ user has been created with the necessary authorizations.

No other configuration has been performed, but you are free to use and configure this system for evaluation of other capabilities, install SAP Notes, and make other changes as you would in any other SAP CAL system.

Support for this free trial system will take place via the SAP CAL SCN community in the same manner as other free trials:

The training materials for this scenario are now available on the SAP Solution Manager Early Knowledge Transfer site at: -> SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Learning Maps -> Content Activation -> Preparation -> Test and Evaluate the Solution Documentation Activation Procedure With SAP Sol Man 7.2 in SAP CAL.

Thank you!

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      Author's profile photo Jorge Weiss
      Jorge Weiss

      SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS01 on SAP HANA for Content Activation Evaluation of a Customer's Own Documentation Is Out!

      Trial and Developer Offerings with SAP Cloud Appliance Library

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Looks great but our VPC is in eu-west not us-east, any plans to release for other regions? We're very keen to try this,


      Author's profile photo Ventsislav Ivanov
      Ventsislav Ivanov

      We just copied the CAL Solution to eu-west-1 too.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks very much, will post back when we've given it a whirl.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The image and the SolMan system seem to work fine when I connect via the Remote Desktop. However, if I use the External IP address and add it to my SAP Logon on my local PC, I cannot connect. What seems to be really strange, if I use the connect to SAP GUI from the CAL Interface it works... I looked into the SAP Logon shortcut and it is using the same IP address as I used when I tried to manually added to the Logon Pad. Any idea why I cannot add the system manually to my SAP Logon pad on my local PC? Also what do I have to do so that the http applications are working as well on my local PC?


      Author's profile photo Evan Stoddard
      Evan Stoddard
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Vassil:

      Are you able to ping the IP addess from your local PC?

      For the http connections, note you will need to add the IP and hostname to your local PC's hosts file, otherwise you must use the IP address instad of the hostname in the browser session URL. If you use the Windows frontend provided in the appliance this step is not necessary.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Evan,

      I am actually not able to ping the IP address from my local PC, however, I have read that this is disabled for AWS/CAL images...
      But the SAP system is running as I can connect either via the remote desktop to the SAP system or use the SAP GUI connect from the CAL interface which is just a SAP short cut. So via the short cut I can connect from my local PC to the CAL system. However, when I want to add the system manually to my SAP Logon Pad, it doesn't work even though I am using the same IP address as it is stored in the short cut. Connection.png

      I am using the IP from the CAL Interface which is declared as "ABAP External IP Address".

      Author's profile photo Ventsislav Ivanov
      Ventsislav Ivanov

      Hi Vassil,

      The behavior you describe is really strange. To me it looks like something in the local SAP logon configuration though the screenshot looks fine. What's exactly the error message you get? Could it be related to some other settings eg. SNC?

      Regarding HTTP connections - you need 2 prerequisites:

      1. Open HTTP port to internet - this you can do by editing your instance and changing the ports on the Virtual Machine screen.

      2. Update you local PC hosts file (eg. c:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts for Windows) to contain the same entries like the Frontend VM. You will need to use the external IPs locally as only these are exposed to Internet.

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Philipp Claus
      Philipp Claus

      Hello Ventsislav,

      I have created a discussion. Let's communicate there 🙂

      SAP CAL SolMan 7.2 - SAP Logon issue from local PC


      PS: I am a colleague of Vassil 😉

      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Hi Evan

      Thanks for all the work done to get this up and running, really great to have this available now ramp-up has overflowed 🙂 . Super easy to use as well the way it has been set up.

      Cu soon hopefully at SAPPHIRENOW.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      1) Are there any plans to make the SAP CAL SolMan 7.2 available for MS Azure accounts?

      2) Is it just a test drive of content activation or are other 7.2 features available?


      Author's profile photo Evan Stoddard
      Evan Stoddard
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Kevin:

      Both SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS03 solutions are also available for 30-day trial in MS Azure now. Happy New Year!

      Author's profile photo Evan Stoddard
      Evan Stoddard
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Kevin:

      The SAP CAL team is still working on an agreement for Azure. The current 7.2 solution is just for testing content activation, however we are putting the finishing touches on an updated version for evaluation of the SAP S/4HANA solution package content, including the PPM project content. We plan for this to be availalbe in mid-May.

      Author's profile photo Dubba Vikram
      Dubba Vikram

      Hi Evan,

      I created and activated enabled EC2 services in AWS and also could add in CAL.

      However, when I click on "Try now" from the Solutions Tab, I am getting following error:


      I am set up as Owner in CAL.  Is it necessary to add as User too?  I tried that too but not able to add as user.  Here is the screen shot.  Please help if you can.

      Account setup.png

      I did get an email (a while ago) providing me access for Solman 7.1 though I have been trying to access Solman 7.2. Instance creation in progress....

      The issue is resolved, I got an email from SAP CAL.  Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Madhuri Sonawane
      Madhuri Sonawane


      I have activated the Solman 7.2 instance on AWS CAL. and trying to access it through remote deskop, but not sure what is my user id and password to login to 001 client.

      Please help.



      Author's profile photo Adarsh S Kapoor
      Adarsh S Kapoor

      Hi Madhuri,

      You can find the relevant user in the "Getting Started Guide" attached to your instance and the password will be the master password that you gave during instance creation (Master Password is used for ALL the logins).

      Hope this helps.

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Williams Liu
      Williams Liu


      I have download the SLD from 7.1 and try to import the SLD to 7.2 CAL, but when I open the SLD URL of 7.2 CAL, it cannot open:

      I already change the host file to map the host name to my CAL Java IP address.

      And I can also ping successfully for the IP.

      Please help.

      Thanks, Williams

      Author's profile photo Evan Stoddard
      Evan Stoddard
      Blog Post Author

      Hi, I would recommend checking that the port in the path 50000 in your URL is open and accessible for your SAP CAL system in the SAP CAL instance properties. Otherwise, no URL with the port will function, even if the host file is maintained properly.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi, We created an 7.2 Sol Man instance and activated it  without issue but are unable to connect.

      For SAP GUI Connect Error text = "WSAEWOULDBLOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable", Error No 10035.

      For RDP Error is "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer".

      Our Security Ops team says this is not due to firewall or other block on our end.
      Please help, thanks

      SAP GUI Connect Error:

      RDC Connect Error:

      Author's profile photo Stanimir Eisner
      Stanimir Eisner

      Hello Kevin,

      For more information how to troubleshoot such issues see

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear SAP-colleagues,

      we are not sure yet wether we will upgrade from 7.1 or build up another fresh system with SolMan 7.2 in parallel and “jump over” from 7.1.

      One question we have right now in case we go parallel:

      When transporting objects from CBTA (scripts, etc.), STWB (test plan, etc.) or projects including business processes, etc.. Is there a need for migration preparation for usage in 7.2 like it is when upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2 within one system or will they be just ready to use after import into the SolMan 7.2 system transferred from a SolMan 7.1?

      Kind regards
      S. Bilge

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello! Nice to hear that SolMan 7.2 is working somewhere.
      But I have no authorisation for solman_setup. I can’t fixed it by the note 2365884 because there is no authorisation. I tried so many roles, but it didn’t help.  I’v got a deadlock ( 

      Author's profile photo Evan Stoddard
      Evan Stoddard
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Alexey:

      You should use the DDIC or SAP* user with your master password to create a user with the roles for SOLMAN_SETUP - the solman user does not have these authorizations. Are these users locked as well?

      Author's profile photo neeha reddi
      neeha reddi

      Hello Evan,

      Is the solman 7.2 trial still available to explore around the features/ capabilities?

      If so could you please advise on the steps to access the trial/ as I am having hard time locating the trial version, as its asking for some amazon access code details, and am not sure what this means.


      Appreciate if you or someone could address this, enabling me to sign up for a quick trial and explore the system.